Creating souls in a laboratory

November 26, 2016 § 21 Comments

There is a struggle going on to define the soul of the United States of America, because modern people are under the impression that reality can be controlled by controlling the contents of the dictionary.  This is because modern people are nominalists; though like the dead people in Bruce Willis movies, they don’t know that they are nominalists.

The soul of a thing is, roughly speaking, what unifies it and animates it as the kind of thing that it is.

What we might call the actual soul of the United States of America is what actually unifies and animates the USA in reality as a real community.  This can’t be reduced to a formula or definition, but we can say things about it.  It involves primarily shared religion (fundamental beliefs about reality and our place in it) and the shared history and historical connections of particular people.

Communities are a kind of fractal of the family. Modern people have the conceit that we can destroy the family and recreate its benefits, but subject to supreme human reason and will rather than to a nature which places inherent limits on what we can choose.  So modernity is always trying to destroy natural family-fractal community and replace it with daycare-fractal community. Tending a garden and raising your children are out; food and children manufactured in a laboratory are in. If we control the owner’s manual and the design specifications we control the soul in the machine.

So there is a war on over the contents of the magic dictionary which defines the soul of the USA, and there are three main competing definitions: the proposition nation, economic nationalism, and ethnic nationalism.  The first of these has dominated recent history in the USA, but conflict with actual reality has produced a perceived need to revert to other magical definitions while still preserving unifying worship of the god Liberty.  We are by definition either a nation of anyone and everyone who professes fealty to the intoxicating horror of liberal principles, of liberal Walmart whales with citizenship papers united by our common love of Black Friday stampedes and murder over cheap consumer goods, or of disparate groups of inbred genetic stock who need to be segregated into corrals by an emperor where we can be free and equal among our own kind.

This battle is futile and self destructive, because any ‘soul’ which can be captured by a dictionary definition is not a living soul. There is just enough truth in the views of dictionary tyrants, of positivist reductionists, to make them dangerously stupid. It is true that communities tend to share religion (beliefs about the fundamental nature of reality and our place in it); it is true that communities tend to have common economic interests; it is true that mostly unforced intermarriage within communities produces a unique and particular ethnic and racial character.

But these are all natural products of community.  Treating them as the controllable parameters of a big civilization machine always leads to unspeakable horror.

“No enemas to the right” disemboweled

November 24, 2016 § 167 Comments

Apparently Richard Spencer and his merry band of tens of followers managed to single handedly destroyno enemies to the right“.

You just never know what you are going to step in when you wander around outside the padded walls, and sometimes you are better off not trying to take responsibility for cleaning up the excretions of fellow sociopaths.

Now that the magical phrase ‘alt right’ has been tainted by Literally Hitler, the new conservative synthesis has to change its name, while singing the Words of the Prophet Sting.


Spencer tells his side of the story.


Spencer’s original post apparently disappeared, so I updated the link to a current post that gives his (current) side of the story.

Oh gay can you see…

November 23, 2016 § 25 Comments

Apparently Elton John is going to sing at the inauguration of America’s first unapologetically pro-gay-rights president, who is simultaneously – because of Current Year distortion in political spacetime – so right wing that he is Literally Hitler.

Meet the new cuck.  Same as the left wing enemy of the old cuck, but with extra bonus sodomy for all Americans.


Huffington Post publishes a denial from the Rocket Man’s publicist. Apparently EJ finds Trump personally nice yet politically horrifying ; something that is bound to happen in the closely confined space inside the Event Horizon, which naturally gives birth to ‘personally opposed but politically supportive’ and ‘personally supportive but politically opposed’ doublethink.  Maybe that makes Trump’s rainbow flag waving and ‘settled law’ statements about gay ‘marriage’ just fine, as long as we aren’t subjected to a live rendition of “Tiny Dancer”.

A journalistic own goal

November 22, 2016 § 13 Comments

Apparently top media executives and media personalities were invited to an off the record meeting with the President Elect.  In this off the record meeting the President Elect accused them of being unethical liars.  They proceeded to prove his point by publishing stories about the off the record meeting.

The election outcome as a product of racial hatred

November 22, 2016 § 22 Comments

I think there is some truth in seeing the recent election result as a product of racial hatred; but not in the way that many people think.

As previously observed, middle American white people are not very racially conscious. Working class Rust Belt whites elected Barack Obama twice.  This may not reflect well on their overall intelligence or self interest, but it does demonstrate that they are not reluctant to vote for a leftist nonwhite president.

The racial tolerance and live-and-let-live attitude of middle America though is not at all shared by coastal elites. Coastal elites contemptuously despise middle American white people specifically as white people. Breathing while white is racist, the absolute worst thing to be — unless you’ve washed away your original sin through spirit cooking, surgical sexual transformation, regular acts of sodomy, or some other leftist baptismal act of atonement.

Sure, some actually productive and functional people of nonwhite races are also wrecked by leftist policy.  But you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.  The important thing is the utter destruction of the Basket of Deplorables: the Final Solution.

That is why the candidate of the leftist coastal elites rejected her husband’s advice, to appeal to Rust Belt working class whites, as outdated.  Getting along with the redneck racist sexist homophobic white people who voted for Obama twice is so 90’s.  Expecting The Her to ask working class whites for their vote was like expecting Communists to ask Capitalists for their votes, or expecting Nazis to ask Jews for their votes.  Subhuman oppressors aren’t even supposed to matter politically.  Currying favor with contemptible middle American white people was simply unthinkable, in the Current Year.

I doubt that even this has managed to start some process of turning middle American whites into a racially conscious tribe though.  It is entirely possible that racial hatred has simply been bred out of most of us. Anti-racism was our creed in the first place.  It would take generations to inbreed it back out of us, I think.

But as Cane Caldo observed in the comments below, I do expect that middle American whites are going to stop caring quite so much about the racial grievances of other races. You were given your chance, with eight full years of a very liberal black President, for crying out loud. Rather than ushering in a new age of two-way racial tolerance to replace the old model of tolerant white people resented by people of color, what the Lightbringer brought us was ramped up racial hatred directed against the most racially tolerant group of human beings to ever exist in all of human history: American white people of generically European descent.

Hate letters from coastal elites to middle American whites

November 21, 2016 § 72 Comments

Peter Woit is the physicist who wrote the book Not Even Wrong, which I highly recommend if you are interested in the subject matter. The Pauli quote in my masthead/sidebar comes from Woit’s book. I keep him in my blogroll so that I remember to check in on what he has to say now and then. Woit projects a compulsive honesty in expressing his own views that I can’t help but appreciate in fellow human beings, even when my own substantive understanding of a particular subject is a universe apart.

I’ve never noticed him writing about politics before, but the recent Presidential election was apparently traumatic enough to bring him out of his shell. For the most part that is probably not a good thing: people who talk about their political views almost universally end up lowering my overall estimation of their personal wisdom, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise any of my regular readers. One of the many deleterious effects of liberalism is that it tends to make everyone falsely believe that their own uncultivated political opinions are worth more than flatulence particulates embedded in a couch cushion.

Woit’s honesty, however, is valuable.  He describes one of the motivations of middle American white people voting for Donald Trump:

You’re angry at well-off coastal elites who you feel look down on you and your culture, and you want to spit in their face by voting for Trump. If so, you are quite right to feel the way you do. From a lifetime spent among such elites I can tell you that, yes, they do look down on you. Most people here in New York City probably do think you’re an ignorant racist. Your problem though is that Donald Trump is one of us. He’s a well-off New Yorker through and through, looks down on you every bit as much as others. If elected he will govern in the interest of his tribe, not yours. If you think otherwise, you’ve been conned. All you will accomplish by a vote for Trump is to convince people in New York, Washington D.C. and California that you really are even more ignorant than they thought, a racist fool taken in by an obvious con.

Coastal elites by and large hate, hate, hate middle American white working people. If you are part of the middle American white working class coastal leftists really do blame everything that is wrong with the world on you, as ridiculous as that sounds. You are the Low Man. More than anything the elites wish for some Final Solution which can be carried out to utterly destroy these perfidious subhumans who, in their spare time away from keeping the lights on and the toilets flushing, continue to screw up the emergence of universal egalitarian emancipation.

All forms of liberalism require a Final Solution, and the Final Solution has to be carried out as an unprincipled exception: in this case, the mass extermination of despised middle American whites has to be implemented in some way which does not challenge liberalism itself.  Even Literally Hitler insisted upon absolutely equal rights among the Herrenvolk: it was only the subhuman oppressor-untermensch who fell outside of the protections provided by freedom and equality, precisely because the subhuman oppressor class was – as it always is – a contemptible impediment to the emergence of the free and equal new man.

The Final Solution for destroying the middle American white working class was and is supposed to be mass third world immigration.  Leftist elites absolutely know[1] that mass third world immigration is a poison designed to utterly destroy middle American whites and salt the earth upon which they used to live. Europe is a proving ground for the efficacy of this particular Solution. The following comes from an email received by Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta from a regular correspondent, as published by Wikileaks (reformatted for clarity):

Unlike the Multikultis, the German working class cannot block out or distort awful reality and needs to live in the real world.

For example, I have a hunch that there are precious few Multikulti converts to be found among German bus drivers. In another clip, a German bus company spokesman explains that even immigrant pensioners beat up bus drivers.

Let me also show you images of a 78-year-old German female shopkeeper hit 50 times in her face by a 14-year-old Bosnian. The young robber belongs to a family granted asylum by Germany. Heart-warming, don’t you think?

The coastal elites in the USA are counting on it.

[1] Hat tip to Evolutionist X.

Mediocracy vs meritocracy

November 21, 2016 § 22 Comments

Aristocracies or ruling classes are typically composed of fairly mediocre ordinary human beings, and that is all for the best.  Everyone seems to assume that we need political leaders and popes who will be the best of the best, who will make our countries great again and meet our own special snowflake Current Year challenges as great leaders.

But genuinely great leaders are mostly a big problem, because every mediocrity who inherits a position formerly occupied by a genuinely great leader inevitably winds up all full of himself.

Having midwit leaders – and the great majority of people in authority are and always will be midwits – who aspire futilely to greatness, is an endless source of trouble.  A few truly great outliers here and there may pull off a temporary innovative greatness, but that just sets us up for a variation of the apex fallacy applied to self assessment on the part of leaders in general. Once we’ve set the precedent of having a great leader here and there, every ordinary midwit of a leader starts to think of himself as a really important man in a really important position building a really important legacy.

Most of the greatness needed for the maintenance of civilization does not involve innovation, creative destruction, and the like.  The kind of greatness which is important for the maintenance of civilization occurs when ordinary people rise up in defense against existential threats to civilization.

The main purpose of a Pope is to reiterate and defend the clear and eternal verities of Church doctrine (something any properly educated orthodox Catholic high school student can do); and otherwise to just not screw things up. Anything beyond that is likely to do more harm than good.

And the same sort of thing applies to aristocracies in general. The basic purpose of an aristocracy is to preserve its inheritance, including the common good of the community of which that inheritance is an integral part, and otherwise not screw things up. So aristocrats need proper indoctrination in how wealthy and powerful civilized people must behave for the common good: a good aristocracy, that is, requires not genius or intrinsic greatness in its human raw material, but proper civilized cultivation.

This cultivation should include constant lessons in not overestimating one’s self importance just because a genuinely great man used to fart into the same seat cushion.

Don’t hide your white privilege under a bushel

November 14, 2016 § 59 Comments

Heartland-raised American white people tend to be very racially unaware compared to everyone else, or at least that is what I am led to conclude from introspection and personal experience.  Europe is home to quite a few very distinct, more purebred, and often mutually hostile ethnicities which all sport a lighter complexion. But the American experience – especially the non-coastal non-urban experience, and certainly my personal experience – is different. Multigenerational American whites are, as a matter of actual physical outbreeding, a hodgepodge melting pot of different paleface European ethnicities.  We are palefaces, sure; but mutts all of us.  Paleface purebreds with whatever-American grandparents are minorities outside of urban ethnic enclaves.

(In college I remember being baffled when a first generation Italian-American girl was visibly disgusted by the fact that I thought a first generation Mexican-American girl – they looked like they could be sisters to me – was attractive. Go figure.)

Liberalism is the political philosophy of American white people and dominates global politics, despite the fact that white people have always represented a small minority of the global population.  As an insane, anti-real political philosophy liberalism requires a constant expenditure of economic energy to keep reality at bay. So far, in America, this has been supplied by natural resources: specifically by the endless frontier.  It may be impolite to notice the racial makeup of the American versions of Mogadishu; but you don’t have to say anything as you pack up the moving truck.

The phenomenon of white flight, of physical separation between the ideological cannon fodder classes and the liberal ruling class, represents the harvest of this economic energy. Functional liberal ruling and productive working classes require a frontier into which they can escape from the consequences of liberalism’s triumphs.

What cities like Baltimore and Detroit show is that even in America this is breaking down: instead of the head fake of ‘peak oil’ we have started to reach a real hard limit of ‘peak suburbia’. Whether or not there is an alternate economic energy resource available in the US to fuel liberalism’s suspension of reality is open to speculation, as is how much more can be squeezed out of the existing capacity.

But it does seem pretty clear that the resource which has actually fueled liberalism in America up to this point – relatively easy availability of white flight – is in fact threatened by mass immigration, because mass immigration materially reduces available white flight options.

This is why I conclude that right-liberal immigration restrictionism is an act of self preservation on the part of liberalism. If you want the golden eggs you can’t kill the goose, despite the fact that the more insane (a.k.a. “left”) liberals want to see white people disappear forever in some sort of plausibly deniable Final Solution brought about by consensual breeding choices.

Ultramundane ecclesiology

November 12, 2016 § 61 Comments

My main theory of Pope Francis continues to be that he is a fairly dim narrow minded Jesuit provincial Argentinian mid level bureaucrat who was raised to the Chair of Peter.  He keeps on saying and doing things to confirm that perspective.

In the long run though I think that discrediting ultramontanism by practicing it is probably a good thing.  Put not your trust in princes, and all that.

A victorious antibiotic infusion against the ku klux klamydia

November 11, 2016 § 52 Comments

Donald Trump won the presidency because tolerant, hard working, middle American white people got tired of having their American Dream deliberately destroyed for the enrichment of corrupt self righteous urban coastal elites – elites who at the same time were constantly accusing them of bigotry.  The most tolerant, live and let live race of people on the planet finally got sick of being branded as the officially hated group, simultaneously exploited and despised by the hipster hegemony pretending to be two different political parties.

Trump won by explicitly rejecting the demonization of Middle American whites as illiberal, un-American bigots: the worst thing they could possibly be.  He won by affirming that middle American whites actually really are good liberals despite what all of the lesbians and pedophiles and transwhatever freaks say: that the persecutors of middle American whites among the elite of both parties are wrong to demonize them as the subhuman Low Man.  That he ‘lost the popular vote’ is irrelevant for all sorts of reasons, first of which is that of course all of the urban hipster SJW self-hating white liberals are against him, as expected.  One might as well counterfactually assert that if the game he actually did win had been checkers instead of chess, he would have lost.

Trump’s victory may well hold back the influx of less liberal races of people into middle America for a while, thus preserving liberalism from its own worst self-destructive tendencies; though that remains to be seen.  What Trump will actually do is anyone’s guess really, though I think that whatever it is will clearly not damage the interests of Donald Trump, Inc.

This past election day represented a victory for tolerant live-and-let-live liberalism and for white supremacy, which are the same thing.

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