Trump as the third black president

October 30, 2016 § 15 Comments

We must not tolerate illegal immigration. Since 1992, we have increased our Border Patrol by over 35%; deployed underground sensors, infrared night scopes and encrypted radios; built miles of new fences; and installed massive amounts of new lighting. We have moved forcefully to protect American jobs by calling on Congress to enact increased civil and criminal sanctions against employers who hire illegal workers. Since 1993, we have removed 30,000 illegal workers from jobs across the country. – Between Hope and History, by Bill Clinton, p.134 , Jan 1, 1996

Donald Trump in 2016 is objectively very similar to Bill Clinton in 1992.  The main difference is that from an Overton Window standpoint Trump is now an extreme right wing candidate rather than an extreme left wing candidate. Anything resembling social conservatism has simply dropped off of the radar: even the pro life movement these days is pro choice. Donald Trump when elected (assuming he is smart enough to let Grandma Abortion Witch implode) will just be the third black president.

Liberalism is insane and anti-human, but its insanity ironically makes it extremely adaptable.  The Trump phenomenon is not some great new hope for the salvation of Western civilization: some new direction which represents the possibility of a future free from SJW excesses and other leftist insanity.  Rather what we are witnessing is the action, in real time, of liberalism’s own internal mechanisms for protecting itself from the results of its own excesses as it continues to dominate more and more of reality.  We are witnessing how it absorbs and repurposes any possible incipient opposition, turning the energy of that opposition toward liberalism’s own ends: ends which include self preservation.

Liberalism’s greatest enemy has for centuries been the consequences of its own comprehensive triumph. But by keeping all political conflict inside of its inescapable gravity well it ensures its own long term persistence, in spite of itself.

§ 15 Responses to Trump as the third black president

  • Zippy, I get what you’re saying…

    …But you can’t tell me you’re not enjoying Grandma Abortion Witch’s implosion just a LITTLE bit.

    This has been pretty fun.

  • Zippy says:


    I don’t think I’ve had anywhere near this many spontaneous and uncontrolled ROFL attacks from an election cycle, ever.

  • Tom says:

    Even though I’m not voting, and am arguing with people why they shouldn’t vote, and not paying attention to the news at all, it is really hard not to want to watch.

    My current fun question to ask people is, “Don’t you think something’s wrong given that if Jesus Christ ran for President with His mom as a VP He’d lose in a landslide?”

  • It is a matter of justice that those of us who refuse to vote should end-up with a POTUS who might very well publicly insult some other head of state:

    Merkel is a fat ugly idiot.

    On a trip to some Latin America country: You call this a country? I’ve see bigger garbage scows, and I’ll tell you another thing, the garbage scow smelled better

    Can we get a high chair for this little Japanese Ambassador?

    because as the national politicians drag us down into Hell, we ought to be able to derive some humorous pleasure out of it, even if it is only a certain form of black humor.

  • donnie says:


    You make it sound as if a Trump-like phenomenon was bound to happen eventually, that swinging from “respectable” globalist liberalism to “deplorable” nationalist liberalism is just how the pendulum swings.

    I find this view difficult to adopt. It seems to me that the Trump phenomenon is quite an aberration. If Donald Trump hadn’t been smart enough to realize that 1992-style leftism is exactly what America’s largest disaffected voting bloc years for, this country would have continued it’s fat, dumb, happy march down the road of “It’s the current year”-style leftism.

    Just imagine: Grandma Abortion Witch would be up against Guac Bowl ¡Jeb! and we’d all be spending these final days in the run up to the election reminding our well-meaning friends that, no, God does not require us to vote for a war-hawking, amnesty-supporting, Common Core-peddling, globalist neocon just because he happens to be a pro-life Roman Catholic.

    Maybe it’s because the “Cthulhu swims left” narrative is too deeply ingrained in my brain, but I don’t see the Trump-phenomenon as something arising from society’s liberal inertia. Trump supporters may be liberals who are still half-asleep, but at least that means they’re also half-awake.

    That’s something, isn’t it?

  • Zippy says:


    Trump supporters may be liberals who are still half-asleep, but at least that means they’re also half-awake.

    I don’t see “make America 90’s again, other than the opposition to abortion and homosex” as half awake. I see it as the typical consolidation of a new ‘conservatism’ which attempts to protect liberalism from its current worst excesses (white genocide, safe spaces vs free speech, etc).

    The central focus of Trumpism is on stopping white genocide, but under the guise of immigration/nationalism. The reason for this is twofold.

    First, liberalism is the political philosophy of white people and cannot survive – at least not yet – under a system which is not ruled by a majority of white people capable of overruling dindu, la raza, and mohammedan tribalisms.

    Second, Trumpism is promoted under the guise of ‘nationalism/immigration’ because that allows charges of racism to be plausibly denied while still opposing white genocide. Nationalist liberalism is still liberalism, so liberalism can remain unchallenged and unquestioned.

    So Trumpism represents a walk-back of liberalism’s most recent and most self destructive excesses without any repudiation of liberalism whatsoever, and with the ‘successful’ innovations (e.g. normalization of sodomy) retained. That is how the process works: successful liberal innovations are retained, while unsuccessful ones are walked back and re-tooled.

    Meet the new cuck. Same as the old cuck.

  • Zippy says:

    Made that its own post.

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  • GJ says:


    an aberration

    There was another part-German populist riding on racialism and nationalism to defend the Ubermensch.

    IMO Trump offers the clearest example of liberalism in its reengineering phase: being pro-life doesn’t work? Alright, he’ll take a pro-choice stance instead.

  • GJ says:

    Trump’s A/B testing on policy is one key means through which liberalism in America is overhauling itself.

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