Oh gay can you see…

November 23, 2016 § 25 Comments

Apparently Elton John is going to sing at the inauguration of America’s first unapologetically pro-gay-rights president, who is simultaneously – because of Current Year distortion in political spacetime – so right wing that he is Literally Hitler.

Meet the new cuck.  Same as the left wing enemy of the old cuck, but with extra bonus sodomy for all Americans.


Huffington Post publishes a denial from the Rocket Man’s publicist. Apparently EJ finds Trump personally nice yet politically horrifying ; something that is bound to happen in the closely confined space inside the Event Horizon, which naturally gives birth to ‘personally opposed but politically supportive’ and ‘personally supportive but politically opposed’ doublethink.  Maybe that makes Trump’s rainbow flag waving and ‘settled law’ statements about gay ‘marriage’ just fine, as long as we aren’t subjected to a live rendition of “Tiny Dancer”.

§ 25 Responses to Oh gay can you see…

  • Yes. Unless… he really does bear grudges when people malign him. He will notice the gays are against him. In some ways, it’s nice. For once I can rely on human weakness and vindictiveness to provide me with results, rather than hoping some human could discipline himself enough to spend political capital on these issues.

    Just his battles with the media alone will likely weaken the gay mafia in this country- since a lot of them work in the media, and continually stream their message into American heads via the media.

    When I try to consider Trump’s incentives, I tend to get a bit gleeful. When I think of Trump’s plan, I worry. Then I remember plans seldom survive contact with reality.

  • Identity politics are hard, aren’t they? They can be so confusing.

  • Zippy says:

    August Hurtel:

    He will rationalize it the same way all liberals rationalize it: his enemies are dishonest tyrants who mouth liberal pieties but don’t really mean it.

  • It is very amusing to see the excuses proliferating to try and explain away why he is so wise to break his promises, especially his promise to prosecute the career criminal because blind justice and rule of law.

    His backers are no better than the slackers who voted for the career criminal.

    Next to go?

    Bye bye, wall

    Whoring for votes means never having to say you’re sorry to those who climbed into bed with you; and the Gospels say that if you fornicate with a whore you become one with her.

    Trump? Like a virgin

  • Zippy says:


    The new cuck is as oblivious to his cuckyness as the old cuck. He looks into “his” progeny’s face and actually thinks he sees his own eyes looking back.

    Prepare for four years of ‘look how clever is our baby, keep your enemies close’ from the neocucks.

  • TomD says:

    People are more likely to divorce their spouse than divorce their candidate they voted for.

    Voting truly is the Sacrament of Liberalism.

  • Elton John singing at the Inaugural just like he sang for Rush Limbaugh’s public adultery (it was his third marriage I think).

    Trump and Limbaugh are heroes of the liberal right and their support for sodomy(Must not leave out King Cuck, Glenn Beck who is jake with gay marriage) is just part of the homosexualisation of America but, remember, your vote counts 🙂

  • Look it up. It’s a false rumor. Not happening.

  • Step2 says:

    Trump doesn’t have to be Literally Hitler to be extremely bad. He could be Literally Putin and still have terrible, corrosive effects.

  • TomD says:

    Trump can and will be bad because he’s Literally Liberal.

  • […] Source: Zippy Catholic […]

  • Trump’s lying to someone or else his campaign manager is a bald faced liar

  • itascriptaest says:

    Does anyone here actually believe that Trump is the beginning of a spiritual awaking?

  • Aethelfrith says:

    Does anyone here actually believe that Trump is the beginning of a spiritual awaking

    Here? Probably not. Trump’s least willfully blind/naive supporters have expressed a desire for him to “destroy the system,” but I think even that expectation is too optimistic.

  • Svar says:

    Pro-faggotry as a political tactic to further anti-muzz is different that actually thinking queers are a-okay.

    Calm down, Zippy. We have to do it all one at a time. First the Muzz and the illegals, then we go after indigenous undesirables, including the faggots and of course, everyone’s favorite ethnoreligious group, the Jews.

    Don’t forget about Mike “Ignite the Sodomite” Pence.

  • Zippy says:

    Politics doesn’t take place inside your head. Today’s hold-your-nose tactic becomes tomorrow’s dogma. Nose-holders die off and new true believers are indoctrinated (not by conspiracy but by the old ‘see what I do not what I say’ principle) to replace them.

    Viewing total right wing capitulation on homosexual sodomy as a hold-your-nose tactic is just the same old self deception right liberal chronic losers always employ to rationalize away their endless stream of losses. Meet the new cuck, same as the old cuck.

  • Svar says:

    Sure, I see what you’re saying. But renegotiating our relationships with our allies, especially (((Are Greatest Ally))), bringing back jobs for the working class, stopping forced integration (Section 8), stopping illegal immigration/Muslim immigration/mass immigration, trust-busting, and destroying the Jew/liberal stranglehold on the media is far more important. The latter, by itself will fix the faggot stuff. When we can broadcast the realities of queers, that’s when you’ll see “Gay Rights” become a thing of the past

  • TomD says:

    Any one of those things may be a good and prudent task for a given authority, but for us down here, we should work on repentance and not put our trust in princes.

    Though I would be heavily tempted to vote for a law banning Gay Divorce, let me tell you.

  • Svar says:

    Trump is not our prince, he is our Caesar. A man for the people. We’ve lived under anarcho-tyranny for so long, it’s time to free ourselves.

    The political and the religious often intersect but one doesn’t have to consume the other. You can be a deeply patriotic nationalist and a devout Christian in the same manner you can be a gun enthusiast and a devout Christian. Of course, I believe there is a spiritual element in patriotism and that comparing it to a mere hobby is degrading it, but that’s the best example I can think off.

    While Trump waves the Fag-Flag, Mike “Ignite the Sodomite” Pence is his second hand man. This is realpolitik not moral or ideological capitulation. To compare this to bought and controlled opposition like Bill Cuckley and his garbage rag or First Things/Patheos/W4 I doubt Trump cares much about queers either way, but I know for sure that Mike “Electrocute the Fruit” Pence was radicalized by the response to his Indiana religious liberty bill. It completely took him off guard when the sodomites had a ridiculous limpout over it. As well as the (((media))) onslaught and the vocal objections of (((out-of-state donors))).

    A time comes when practicality is necessary and we can’t waste our newly acquired political capital on fagdeath. The Overton Window hasn’t shifted to that particular area. Yet. Maybe in 2024 when Mike “Curing Queers with Amperes” Pence becomes president, we will be there.

  • TomD says:

    Ah yes, the Caesar to which we are to offer a pinch (just a pinche pinch!) of incense, then we can go about our merry ways, and he’ll fix everything.

    Thanks, I’ll pass. I will pray for our leaders, that they may do the will of God willingly, and be brought to heaven.

  • Aethelfrith says:

    Calm down, Svar. Have a juice (not Jews) box.

  • TomD says:

    Anyone who is still obsessed about the Jews hasn’t even begun to figure out what Freemasonry is.

  • Zippy says:


    The main problem with gay divorce is that you can’t tell which one is the “wife” — who is awarded cash, prizes, and custody — and which one is the “husband”, who gets ejected from the home and sold into slavery to keep the cash and prizes coming.

    Though I suppose a reasonable approximation is to assume that the one who files for no fault divorce is the “wife”.

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