End of the race

December 3, 2015 § 30 Comments

I am sure everyone is relieved to see my post “Whitey knows best” move down the screen, with crickets chirping in the combox. Race just isn’t a central concern of mine and never has been. That isn’t to downplay it — for all I know my ambivalence has been bred into me and is a bad thing. I’ll never be a friend of white nationalists or white supremacists though, or of anti-racism activists (oddly, also a kind of white supremacism).  My heart just isn’t in it.

But if folks actually do want an honest discussion of race – people are always saying that they want an ‘honest’ discussion of race, by which I think they mean that they want to hear their own views or at least views with which they are comfortable expressed in other peoples’ voices – I’ll give ’em what I’ve got.

I actually do like and appreciate diversity.  Thugs and jerks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; and so do gracious hosts and friends. Sometimes a helping hand comes from where you least expect it, and hostility comes from where friendship should be presumed. That’s just my experience of the world as I have actually found it. Statistics may tell us what to expect on a sociological level, but persons are not statistics.  It is kind of like environmental conservation or male friendship: liberalism has destroyed a lot of what is lovely about the world by turning it into pretext for political opposition.  But I do love nature, camaraderie among men, and the delight of meeting folks who are quite different from myself.  Life is too short to let liberalism rob it of its richness.

Sorry, racial reactionaries, but modern people really do engage in a lot of racially motivated injustice: racism. By the same token, racism is probably one of the most abused concepts out there.  That’s what liberals do: they start with a basically legitimate injustice – otherwise it would have no anchor in reality – and redefine it past the end of crazy in a postmodern frenzy of self-hatred. They are doing the same thing with rape, and only a tomfool postmodern would claim that rape is an anti-concept.  The irony is thick, but that isn’t going to stop me from trying to see things as they actually are.

Liberalism proposes to promote diversity but in fact it promotes uniformity: you are either absorbed into the uniformity of the free and equal superman through the principle of fraternity, which in practice means actual physical inbreeding with liberal stock to create one master race; or you are on the list of subhuman oppressors to be put on the trains and sent to the camps.  Your name may be near the top of the list or it may be near the bottom, but make no mistake about it: if you are not part of the breeding stock for the master race you have a train ticket. If you will not be my brother I will crack your skull.

No thanks.

§ 30 Responses to End of the race

  • hosswire says:

    Persons are not statistics, but populations are.

    Statistics, stereotypes & prejudices are not all that helpful in determining which individual to befriend, marry or hire.

    But they are extremely helpful in determining what groups should be welcomed, en masse, into our nation, cities, schools, etc… What is optimal & moral on the individual level may not always be appropriate for the national level. I am all in favor of exceptional individuals of all backgrounds being recognized & included in functional — which realistically means mostly-white — societies & institutions.

    But even you have to admit that is not what is happening. Instead, the exceptional individuals in non-white, non-Western groups are used as reasons for ignoring the statistical realities in the larger groups. Sometimes in good faith by people like you. Often in bad faith by the destructive left. In either case, the result is the same: all the multitudinous perils & ills of a functioning white society being forcibly turned into something different & by any objective standard, much worse.

    Not that you care. You aren’t about results on this earth, as you live on a higher moral plane than the rest of us slobs, I know.

    Keep enjoying the delight of meeting folks who are much different from yourself. That worked out so well for Paris & San Bernardino

  • Zippy says:


    It is hard to assess the merits of putatively contrary assertions when I can’t tell what specifically they are supposed to address.

    I’m actually very much against mass immigration from anywhere, legal or illegal, as a prudential matter; so there is that. (I’m against lots of things, and for lots of other things, when it comes to particular policy questions; not that you asked).

    Beyond that I haven’t the faintest idea what you are ranting about.

  • Zippy says:

    I suppose I should, as a metaphysical realist, object to this statement:

    Persons are not statistics, but populations are.

    Populations are also not statistics. Statistics may measure interesting things about populations, but saying that populations are statistics is like saying that swimsuit models are their measurements.

  • Patrick says:

    I didn’t care about the Whitey Knows Best post–the deep irony just keeps hitting me. Black Lives Matter in Seattle issued a public statement about tearing down the white supremacist system in “the liberation of our people” or something like that and my ingrained response is 1, to think this isn’t a white supremacist system and 2. to think that these people really want to destroy me. And want to build, what, a white man style civilization without white men, I guess. Sort of like Flannery O’Connor’s Church of Christ Without Christ from her book Wise Blood. And white men are complicit in that, which is maybe why white men are killing themselves more often than everyone else. It’s just complete lunacy.

  • Zippy says:

    Black Lives Matter are just being good negroes, doing what their white overlords are telling them to do.

  • Patrick says:

    Hazel Motes eventually burned his eyes out with lye.

  • Bruce says:

    I guess I’m just made different than you – maybe my head’s not quite screwed on right. Race always mattered to me in the sense that I saw it as an ancestral identity thing that should be conserved. I can remember feeling this way since at least middle school age and I was not taught this by my parents.

  • Bruce says:

    It’s interesting that you use the phrase “racial reactionary.” I have always considered myself a racial conservative. I never wanted to go back to some racial glory day. I wanted to conserve.

  • Peter Blood says:

    I would bet a lot of racially motivated injustice is really a problem of scale. The modern scale promotes generalizations of all kinds.

  • Bruce says:

    I would say based on these sort of definitions, most white nationalists are racial conservatives. Republicans are racial liberals and Democrats are racial leftists. I don’t know who qualifies as racial reactionaries. Maybe a few crazies out there?

  • CJ says:

    Statistics, stereotypes & prejudices are not all that helpful in determining which individual to befriend, marry or hire.

    It’s a shame Hosswire didn’t stop here.

    My thoughts on race have fluctuated greatly over time. FWIW my current position is, that for Christians, the Body of Christ is supposed to be the in-group that we rally around, and should be prior to any other allegiance (Mark 3:35). The way it ought to work is that my assistant pastor of Ukrainian Jewish descent would be “more” family to me than my Muslim uncle. But the carnal minds is at enmity with God, and so the tribalism of race/class/section still wins out more often than not.

  • Zippy says:


    Don’t get me wrong: I viscerally like the actual whimsical diversity of different kinds of people, but that includes Chevrolet (though I was always kind of a MOPAR guy) apple pie Normal Rockwell midwestern-born white boys of vaguely European descent like myself as something worth having around. Good fences and good neighbors, all that is cool with me at the visceral level.

  • Mike T says:

    saying that populations are statistics is like saying that swimsuit models are their measurements.

    Sounds like some of that thar sexual objectification we keep hearing about from the feminists.

  • Zippy says:

    Mike T:

    Sounds like some of that thar sexual objectification we keep hearing about from the feminists.

    I was just trying to be racy, in keeping with the theme of the post.

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  • Marissa says:

    Zippy, what do you mean by white supremacy of anti-racists? Because their ideology was created by whites?

    Also what would you consider an example of modern people engaging in racism?

    Hosswire, shouldn’t exceptional people stay in their undeveloped countries to improve them? I remember an African cardinal complaining of this “brain drain” to the West. There is no talk of the would-be immigrant’s duty to his own people. There is no starker current example than Syrian men fleeing their responsibility to defend their country.

    Speaking of which, Zippy, is the Assad regime legitimate?

  • Zippy says:


    Also what would you consider an example of modern people engaging in racism?

    The instant media frenzy over George Zimmerman when they thought he was white, and the subsequent hounding of him by a legal system which would have immediately dismissed charges had the races been reversed.

    Speaking of which, Zippy, is the Assad regime legitimate?

    No idea.

  • Black Lives Matter consists mainly of immigrant Africans and “African-Americans” who are 50-75% white. This is true of the racial grievance industry. Actually black African-Americans aren’t a big part of it, it too is run by immigrants and (mostly) white people. Sometimes even fully white people as some recent news articles have shown.

  • Greg says:

    “or of anti-racism activists (oddly, also a kind of white supremacism).”

    I am genuinely curious about the last part – is that a reference to the “Whitey knows best” post, or is there something else that leads you to that conclusion?

    “I’m actually very much against mass immigration from anywhere, legal or illegal, as a prudential matter”

    What are your thoughts on North American and European bishops (in particular) saying that “welcoming strangers” is essential, and that only bad/evil Catholics oppose it. As a slightly different example, the Canadian bishops take on the refugee crisis (I am equating immigrant with refugee): http://www.cccb.ca/site/images/stories/pdf/Pastoral_Letter_Refugees.pdf

    Have you ever written at length about these subjects? Are these bishops simply twisting Catholicism to make it conform to the current political climate?

  • GJ says:

    Welcoming mass immigration has become the new White Man’s Burden.

  • Zippy says:

    For the folks who are asking what I mean when I say that anti-racism is a kind of white supremacy:

    Consider the difference between Nazism and liberalism. They both share the same core beliefs: Nazis are through-and-through liberals in the sense that they are strongly committed to liberty, which begets equality, from both of which proceeds fraternity.

    The difference lies underneath ‘fraternity’. Most liberals believe in creating the master race through outbreeding. Nazis are liberals who have become disillusioned by this and want to create the master race through inbreeding.

    Basically, Nazis and white supremacists more generally are inbred liberals.

  • GJ says:

    Zippy: I’d love to hear your thoughts on the recent ‘cuckservative’ backlash that often takes the form of attacking those who ‘mudshark’, adopt black kids or supposedly promote the interest of other races.

    Is it the normal conservative reaction against the progressives pushing too far too quickly in one direction, or some new mutation of a ‘fraternity’ belief?

  • Zippy says:

    The dynamic is that once liberals start to believe that there are biological limits on who can be included in the master race, they turn Nazi. I’ve talked about that before, perhaps most recently here.

  • Zippy says:

    Look at what Nazis and liberals have in common specifically when they run into biological limits on who can be the superman. Look at attitudes toward the profoundly and incurably ill, for example: the idea that the incurably ill will ever join the ranks of the emancipated superman is ‘hopeless’, so the best thing to do for everyone, including incurably ill persons themselves, is kill them off. It is ‘what they would have wanted themselves’ back when they were supermen, even if they show signs of not wanting to be killed now.

    The “cuckservative” thing is just the Nazi inbreeding mode of liberalism beginning to take over in groups of moderns who have run into biological limits on the ‘fraternity’ imperative.

  • Sinha says:

    Like Ed Feser and all Catholic ‘intellectuals’ that I think have interesting thoughts on the metaphysics of mind I despise your politics and ignorance. As a black man, it is terrible to read your blogs. Jesus. The existential burden of thinking that non-materialism is an important attitude, a needed corrective to our materialist science while never being able to actually engage with the people that discuss this because of their subtle and no so subtle racism is something that truly disturbs me. You guys really have no idea what you’re talking about, no desire to actually understand ‘others’ just a desire to defend and validate your status in the current state of things. It never fails. I came to this site after reading your quote on Just Thomism about the silliness of strong AI…cautiously and then immediately was hit with all the stuff I despise about this wing of folks.

    Terrible. It makes me sick to have to have you type of Catholics and Christians as, probably the only ”tradition’ that has adequate arguments about the soul. Everything else is pretty much an apologia for racism – its disgusting. I mean, I literally could have guessed your politics based on the title of your blog. Do you guys not really think about what your words mean to non white men that might share your religions? Your backhanded compliments of yourselves and validations of superiority? It really is OK to be locked up in your cocoons, talking among yourselves about the Blacks, the Africans, the whatevers in your not so subtle ” poor foolish folks don’t know they love will destroy them”?

    I would not have written this response had it not confirmed my fears. Bye. Continue to host the folks that think nothing about saying things like most exceptional folk will be white – no reason given – other than the ‘obvious’ state of things which are the way they are, apparently, because of natural law and God’s decree.

    It never ends.

  • Zippy says:


    I looked through your comment to find where you dispute something I’ve actually said, but I came up empty.

    Anti-racists have overplayed their hand. As a result, there is a reactionary backlash taking place of which you may be unaware – especially among young white people who have been told their whole lives that they are racist just for being white. Racism is of course considered transcendently evil, even more evil than the ‘misogyny’ involved in opposing the mass murder of unborn children.

    These reactionaries often make the claim that there is no such thing as racism: that ‘racism’ is an anti-concept, a slur against white people. (Examples here and here). I actually don’t write much about race, but what I have written has mainly been criticism of the reactionaries.

    Personally, I recommend that everyone get a thicker skin. Thin skins and shoulder chips are one of the leading causes of violence, and combined with modern technology that violence can become very violent indeed.

    Honest discussion of race might not be to everyone’s taste, but because anti-racists have turned racism into the most wicked of all sins and have imputed it upon all white people simply because of their ancestry, it is impossible to avoid having some kind of conversation about race. I understand that it isn’t to everyones’ taste – in fact race is not a very important subject to me personally, and I only really talk about it because the discussion is unavoidable.

    But the alternative to an honest discussion of race isn’t no discussion of race. The alternative to an honest discussion of race is a dishonest discussion of race.

    So if you’ve got something I actually said that you’d like to dispute, by all means do so.

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