Nazism, because nonwhites are screwing up liberal tolerance

November 30, 2015 § 15 Comments

Given that white supremacy is already our actual situation, and that the political philosophy of the white race is liberalism, it becomes easier to see where things like Nazism and Stalinism come from.

What nonwhites, tribal Jews, aristocrats, unwanted pregnancies, and Christians who take their faith seriously tend to do – when they are not being used as cultural, economic, or literal cannon fodder by white liberals – is screw up liberalism.

This calls for a Solution.  And if these troublemakers cannot become surgically transubstantiated into free and equal supermen along with all of the other unique and special liberals, that Solution must be Final.

§ 15 Responses to Nazism, because nonwhites are screwing up liberal tolerance

  • Zippy. Ecumenism (The Universal Solvent of Tradition) is Liberalism within the Shadow Church and its final solution is is to humble us into becoming just another sect amongst many with its non existent calls for Salvation and Sanctification and its relentless blathering about dialogue and no necessity for conversion and universal salvation etc etc.

    O, and our Fuhrer denies he is a Furher….

  • Peter Blood says:

    Heh, I’ll have to try this out in my talking points. But the working definition of Nazi in our culture, when talking to any white person, is anyone to the right of the white you’re talking to. (Same as materialist: anyone who has more stuff than I do.)

  • Zippy says:

    Peter Blood:
    As usual, the truth is quite scandalous.

  • Axismundi says:

    Liberalism is the ruling ideology of current white supremacism…

    In fact that is what it is.

    That’s a good insight.

  • […] So when blacks and people of other races muster to the sound of white liberal grievance-mongering trumpets, they are just being the good Uncle Toms they are being told to be. […]

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  • […] As Zippy has already shown, one of necessary social consequences of liberalism is that it must identify an untermensch to its übermensch. The liberal outlook necessarily sees anyone who would oppose their brand of liberalism as someone, or rather something, less than human. Any individual’s, group’s, or collection of group’s dissent proves that they have no loyalty to the very cause of a free and liberated humanity. Hence that assembly of traitors, be they the corrupt elite, ignorant masses, licentious urbanites, or bigoted rubes, must really be, in the liberal mind, the villain of prosperous and comfortable Liberty™. […]

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