Whitey knows best

December 2, 2015 § 9 Comments

The civilization we actually live in is one of white supremacy, that is, one built by and governed by white men. That isn’t to say that it was built solely by white men, obviously.  It is just to say that Western civilization is essentially the civilization of white men: it would not have been built without them and cannot carry on without them.  If all non-white men suddenly disappeared, Western civilization would be severely hurt but would carry on.  If all women disappeared, civilization would end in a generation. But if all white men disappeared civilization would end at the next oil change.

These are extremely politically incorrect observations, of course; but are, I assert, factually correct, which is what matters to me.

The political philosophy of white men is liberalism.  Liberalism is constantly making war on history, nature, and tradition on a long march through the generations, protected by a rear guard of conservatives who ensure that the march itself is never questioned.

So when blacks and people of other races muster to the sound of white liberal grievance-mongering trumpets, they are just being the good Uncle Toms they are being told to be.

§ 9 Responses to Whitey knows best

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  • Kidd Cudi says:

    I liked it I just had nothing to say. This whole post is kind of captain obvious saying something we all know, but mostly pretend not to believe.

  • Jacob says:

    The degenerative character of the white-primary West is not so much that non-white has a problem with white dominating God’s palette, it’s that white generally doesn’t.

    Liberalism and white supremacy exist for each other. They are the carrot and stick of the West. Want to call this ‘civilization’? Well, yes and no. It’s the civilization of white, not of any other. Non-white has its rest, with the rest.

    The West is essentially the getting of wisdom of a precocious new ingenue. Non-white knows this. White will know too when it learns to see past its own reflection. Soon, but not yet.

  • GJ says:

    It seems to me that the ‘white privilege’/’white guilt’ movement is precisely a reaction to this observation, the actions of a collective social conscience that Equality should ameliorate the global dominance of whites. Such a conscience, though of course riddled with contradictions and unprincipled exceptions, helps to keep ‘conservatives’ or right-liberals from going off the rails morally, as the proto-ancestor did regarding slavery.

    After the criticism of the right by the left, and denials and counter-attacks by the right, both sides double down and a Hegelian dialectic evolves. This is pretty clear for issues involving black-white relations. But it is also instructive to see how it plays out in another current crisis, the refugee crisis:

    Indubitably one strong part of the motivation to let refugees in is collective guilt: guilt over screwing up countries like Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and a motivation to make things more Equal (where Equality is a corrupted idol of Justice and thus feeding on man’s natural moral instinct to see that things be put right). So the left demands that borders be opened as part of atonement, the right counter-doubles-down by implicitly or explicitly denying that any significant wrong has been done at all.

    And when ‘conservatives’ accuse ‘liberals’ of working against the interest of the USA/the West/whites, there is much truth to the statement: in the interest of Equality, inEquality must be reduced so the actions charged are an immediate corollary. All this, of course, is done by left-liberals with the intention of keeping Liberalism on the rails morally.

  • GJ says:

    The conservatives are seen through the lens of the quintessential ‘murican myth of revolution as the tyrants, the heartless oppressors, who must be rebelled against and thrown down to maintain the health of the tree of liberalism. So as an immediate corollary SJWism is merely the Revolution transposed into the current age.

    But of course, the conservatives who like to see themselves as the rebels and lovers/maintainers of true Liberalism naturally resist the idea that they are the hated tyrant that must be overthrown, and so the circus continues.


    Liberalism is constantly making war on history, nature, and tradition on a long march through the generations, protected by a rear guard of conservatives who insure that the march itself is never questioned.

    Based on all the above, I would argue that the left-liberals also insure that the march is never questioned by directing all the moral discomfort with the current situation towards a few selected questions, thus ensuring that the key doctrines of liberalism are never questioned morally. Both sides have their key function to play.

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