The election outcome as a product of racial hatred

November 22, 2016 § 22 Comments

I think there is some truth in seeing the recent election result as a product of racial hatred; but not in the way that many people think.

As previously observed, middle American white people are not very racially conscious. Working class Rust Belt whites elected Barack Obama twice.  This may not reflect well on their overall intelligence or self interest, but it does demonstrate that they are not reluctant to vote for a leftist nonwhite president.

The racial tolerance and live-and-let-live attitude of middle America though is not at all shared by coastal elites. Coastal elites contemptuously despise middle American white people specifically as white people. Breathing while white is racist, the absolute worst thing to be — unless you’ve washed away your original sin through spirit cooking, surgical sexual transformation, regular acts of sodomy, or some other leftist baptismal act of atonement.

Sure, some actually productive and functional people of nonwhite races are also wrecked by leftist policy.  But you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.  The important thing is the utter destruction of the Basket of Deplorables: the Final Solution.

That is why the candidate of the leftist coastal elites rejected her husband’s advice, to appeal to Rust Belt working class whites, as outdated.  Getting along with the redneck racist sexist homophobic white people who voted for Obama twice is so 90’s.  Expecting The Her to ask working class whites for their vote was like expecting Communists to ask Capitalists for their votes, or expecting Nazis to ask Jews for their votes.  Subhuman oppressors aren’t even supposed to matter politically.  Currying favor with contemptible middle American white people was simply unthinkable, in the Current Year.

I doubt that even this has managed to start some process of turning middle American whites into a racially conscious tribe though.  It is entirely possible that racial hatred has simply been bred out of most of us. Anti-racism was our creed in the first place.  It would take generations to inbreed it back out of us, I think.

But as Cane Caldo observed in the comments below, I do expect that middle American whites are going to stop caring quite so much about the racial grievances of other races. You were given your chance, with eight full years of a very liberal black President, for crying out loud. Rather than ushering in a new age of two-way racial tolerance to replace the old model of tolerant white people resented by people of color, what the Lightbringer brought us was ramped up racial hatred directed against the most racially tolerant group of human beings to ever exist in all of human history: American white people of generically European descent.

§ 22 Responses to The election outcome as a product of racial hatred

  • This was well said. Something I think that may be even more of a tribal marker in America is classism rather than race. Who can miss all the media sneering and contempt over “rural, uneducated, and working class”?

    We used to be called “salt of the earth,” pretty much the heart and soul of this country, and that’s an identity that extends all the way up into Sarah Palin’s Alaska and down through the deep South. Generically European perhaps, but also quite a few “mutts” in that mix, and people of many races who have generational investments in this country. A whole lot of us can identify with people like Ben Carson for example, much better than we can identify with some Harvard educated lily white media pundit sneering about the “Dunkin donuts” crowd.

  • TomD says:

    Classism is at the base – people forget that “white trash” was originally “poor white trash.”

    To be saved, white people must reject their religion and join the Elite Religion-that-isn’t-a-Religion-we-swear, and suffer. For example, see how they say that manufacturing is gone and everyone must enter a service industry job or an elite educated job.

    All actual labor will be done by immigrants.

  • Zippy says:


    All actual labor will be done by immigrants.

    Exactly. All those laid off auto workers should just move to New York City, become stockbrokers, and hang out at gay bars; which is what every right thinking person wants to do anyway. WTF is wrong with them?

  • I recently wrote an article on the newest Harry Potter movie (which was great), and I mentioned in passing how disgusting I found J.K. Rowling’s personal and political views. It got me to thinking why.

    I think it has to do with a contempt for the middle class. Rowling went right from dirt poor to impossibly, tremendously rich; her time spent in the middle class was so short she wasn’t able to experience much of what it was like.

    A consequence of this is that she honestly CAN’T understand why middle class people are concerned about things like paying welfare, or illegal immigrants taking jobs, or the country being overrun by muslim refugees. She sees refugees, immigrants, and mothers on welfare as “poor”, and thus sees it as all of our responsibility to take care of them.

    After all, she crunched the numbers: If all of us middle class people gave up a latte a day, we’d be able to give every single mother a home! What is WRONG with us? Why do we all hate minorities (the majority of the poor)? Why are we such horrible racist monsters?

    She doesn’t understand what it’s like to be one firing and a month out of work away from slipping below the poverty line, because it’s not something she experienced for any significant length of time. To her, middle class people not wanting to get rid of theone big vacation they take every two years, that they scrimped and saved months for, is evil. I think this explains the attitude of a lot of our supposed elites.

  • If you met me and met my family, you’d see four cars, one college graduate and two college students, a fairly large house, a yard, a dog, and a father working. Living the life, right?

    This doesn’t get into the tremendous debt we have always been in my entire life (thanks to the massive mortgage we need to take on to get the house), the fact that I’m working a part-time job in retail to pay my own way through college via back-breaking loans, that two of those cars are borderline junkers paid for by saving up a couple thousand dollars from that part-time job, and that gas alone has me paycheck to paycheck just to get to and from school.

    I’m the person the Rowlings of the world have contempt for, because the once a year I save up money to go see a baseball game can go to UNICEF, and because I choose to spend time getting a college degree instead of joining doctors without borders and moving to Africa.

  • Carnivore says:

    There are two aspects of racial consciousness from the perspective of American whites. The first is hatred of other races, which you discuss. I agree, this is very unlikely to take hold with American whites. The other is identity or racial group politics. That is, advocating policies and voting for politicians that will benefit one’s racial group. Our ruling elite have pushed the agenda that all races may practice identity politics (and they do) except for whites; for whites to do so is horribly “racist”. This taboo has diminished due to the election and its expansion of the Overton window.

    In addition, it is the MSM which has acted as judge and jury regarding this taboo. This is no surprise, since the MSM is the tool of our ruling elite. The election, however, has shown that the internet is a much more powerful way to get news and information. The MSM is becoming a smaller and smaller player in the news and information game and is no longer the ultimate gate keeper of what’s right and wrong. The recent dressing down Trump gave the media illuminati (if true) and the sudden concern about ‘fake news’ confirms the MSM fears of irrelevancy. This opens the pathway for information to whites about identity politics, how other races have used identity politics to their advantage and why it would be advantageous for whites to also pursue identity politics.

    It is white identity politics which has a chance of quickly taking hold of significant portions of white America. With the USA no longer a nation of united citizens but a balkanized country, the identity politics practiced by other races will not diminish. On the contrary, it will only increase as the percentage of white Americans in the USA decreases. Ever larger numbers of white Americans will be unable to ignore identity politics and will decide it’s OK and advantageous to pursue policies and elect politicians that benefit the white race.

  • Todor says:

    I suspect Liberals don’t want poor white people to move to New York City, but to nice favelas around their cities. It’s the perfect solution: high density population, lower pollution (no cars, no big houses, and thus no need for highways), plenty of poor people to help (so a lot of nice jobs for SJWs), no more middle-class culture (since they won’t have any money), more space for outdoor activities, even religion will become a charming superstition once powerless. And what’s wrong with being poor, right? It’s just more people for God to love.

  • Step2 says:

    Anti-racism was our creed in the first place. It would take generations to inbreed it back out of us, I think.

    First, the Civil War. Second, I live next to, work with, and in a few cases am related to these people and there is an undercurrent of casual racism that occasionally bubbles to the surface. It isn’t anything major or obsessive by any stretch, but it isn’t nonexistent either.

    I agree with TomD that socioeconomic status is heavily involved in this. These rust belt towns started having the same problems usually associated with black ghettos: rampant drug use, spikes in crime rates, most children born out of wedlock, and so forth and so on. Deindustrialization can be slowed by trade protectionist measures but I’m not so sure it can be stopped since technology is constantly putting pressure on labor intensive manufacturing and other activities. I read an article in the immediate aftermath of the election about how the only middle class jobs left in most of these rust belt towns are trucking jobs. So what happens when self-driving vehicles drastically reduce or eliminate those jobs?

  • Zippy says:

    I used the term ‘racial hatred’ on purpose.

    When it comes to ‘casual racism’ though it remains true that middle American white people have less of it by far than any other race of human beings.

  • TomD says:

    Racial hatred, like deadly pollution (Chernobyl, etc), is quite obvious when seen, and (rightly) should be fought and eliminated as much as possible.

    Casual racism, like climate change or CO2 pollution, is much less obvious and the fact that we are resorting to it as the “great evil” shows that the primary issue is mostly solved. Casual racism basically comes down to “I group people by recognizable traits, and prefer to associate with those like me.”

  • TomD says:

    It amuses me that the URL for this post is “__trashed” – WordPress is on to you, you white trashed hater 😉

  • Zippy says:


    I accidentally trashed the post draft, and apparently the trash URL stuck when I undeleted it. Too late to change it now.

    I guess you can take the post out of the white trash, but you can’t take the white trash out of the post. Or something.

  • tz says:

    The problem is not race, per se, but that things like Christianity, civilization, Rule of Law, etc. is attached to it.

    Neither melanin nor carotene are toxic (are “whites” better after a full tan in summer?).

    Yet the polarization has occurred and cannot be undone quickly or easily. Integration was proceeding apace in 1960 where the black families were far more nuclear, two parent homes where rules were kept (to the point I’d rather have been born black to any random in 1950 than white in the 2000’s).

    Culture derives from Cult. Whites have Christendom. The left has first rejected Christendom, but trying to argue against reason, science, etc. would have been foolish. Instead they argue against the KKK, and all whites are racist and have the robes, hoods, and flammable crosses in their closet.

    Whites aren’t racially conscious but they are culturally conscious. The left attacks the culture, often right to the root, and shift back to shrieking “racist!” to shut up any discussion in opposition. Like some form of subtle virus, they destroy the body with their policy, yet shut off the immune system with their shrieks.

    (There is also the anti-masculine vein – same idea).

    Had there been a well developed and solid multicultural Christianity here it might have delayed or rendered things more subtle if not deflected the left. It took Our Lady of Guadaloupe to stop the Aztecs. And “White” either means or does not mean Hispanics (are those from Spain brown or white?) or Jews as is expedient for the argument, but that opens a large Pandora’s box.

    Yet even that “multicultural Christianity” would be identical to lily White Christendom, in the sense that lily white Jonas Salk came up with the Polio vaccine. But with the Holy Spirit, and the empirical functioning, there would be little to attack. “White” is a red-herring, but one that the left and the devil could put a hook into.

  • […] racial hatred of the election. Related: Hate letters from coastal elites to middle American whites. […]

  • Mike T says:

    A lot of people have commented that they don’t know anyone who voted for Trump and that they suspect people in their social circle did, but won’t admit to it. A similar thing is likely true of “racial consciousness” among that white demographic. To a large extent, discussing ordinary racial issues from a white perspective is about as welcome in modern America as challenging Marx in the Soviet Union. People mistake the lack of gulags for the fact that simply saying “I think his being black was a direct factor in the promotion” can get you fired and have people engage in ritual denunciations out of fear that the same authorities and apparatchiks will go after them.

    I’ve noticed that in a lot of cases you can tease out a growing sense of racial identity and awareness when people think it’s safe to say stuff. I also see an increase in people I know who are flirting with the precursors of white nationalism because they see that in the real world, identity politics is here to stay.

  • CJ says:

    Mike T- I know 3 declared Trump voters IRL. There’s a white couple who are single issue pro life voters, and one is a Haitian born black guy who wanted to repay the Clintons for all they had done for his country of birth. I don’t know how representative my sample is, but there are so many declared motives for voting Trump that I’m unsure about the extent of the emerging racial consciousness. Hillary Clinton is one hell of a confounding variable.

  • Mike T says:

    That she is. I think what a lot of conservatives and liberals alike are looking for on the racial consciousness thing is more akin to outright racism. That is why they are missing the signs that more white people around them are simply becoming aware of the fact that they not only really are a separate race from the minorities, but are the targets of discrimination. In other words, it’s not white nationalism, but more like awareness that yes you do have an accent because everyone has an accent. I expect most whites to become more conscious of all of that, but not REALLY care (particularly young ones) until probably another 5-10 years in the future when our majority status has dropped enough that overt racism against us (from someone other than 1% elite whites) becomes a daily and painful occurrence.

  • Mike T says:

    Symone Sanders’ comments that whites should no longer lead the Democrats will likely put us on an accelerated course for this point. If the DNC gets serious and relegates whites to low positions or outright purges whites from most positions, they’re going to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy of the rise of white identity and even nationalism. What they are doing in real time to the old racial social contract is eye-opening and going to have far-reaching consequences. Sanders will prove to be a bigger boon to Richard Spencer than Trump when the dust settles.

  • Freereel says:

    Trump voters have higher incomes on average than Clinton voters. This is not just a class thing. The top .01% crony capitalists are statists. But the top 5% actually have much more in common with the middle class than with the top .01%. If you personally employ an army of lobbyists, the government can work for you. But if you are just a guy making a lot of money, the system is rigged against you and sees you just as a tax donkey.

    A lot of foolish upper-middle class liberals don’t quite realize this yet. They accept the received “wisdom” that it’s “classy” to vote with the Goldman Sachs/Welfare Mother coalition against the middle class. But they are voting against their own interests. It’s the reverse of the “What’s the matter with Kansas” syndrome in which rednecks were accused of being stupid suckers for voting based on religion or patriotism instead of for more welfare. This is the “What’s the matter with Brooklyn and San Francisco” syndrome. These people willingly sacrifice themselves as tax donkeys for the benefit of the donor class just for the “feelz” and fake “status” of being anti-racist.

    But increasingly these people are waking up. The middle class woke up first, and now the upper-middle class is catching on, too.

  • c matt says:

    there is an undercurrent of casual racism that occasionally bubbles to the surface.

    Perhaps true to some extent, but what makes it bubble to the surface is the constant attacks against whites for being racist homophobes, and the outsourcing of enforcement of the straight white Christian taboo from government to the private sector. It is simply a matter of self-preservation. The 1%ers can afford to be “anti-white” because it won’t likely affect them personally, the SJWs are usually young and stupid so they don’t realize it will affect them, and the others probably suffer from white guilt.

  • Step2 says:

    c matt,
    For most people I attribute it to the truism everyone’s a little bit racist – like the song says. When the PC police are wasting air on microaggression nonsense your theory isn’t as easy to dismiss as I would prefer, although making it a primary motive does seem overstated. There is an old psychologist maxim: “If it is mentionable then it is manageable.” So I’m generally in favor of free speech even when it offends, because otherwise you create areas where real problems can never be addressed and deliberately degrading speech becomes perversely associated with truth telling.

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