Effeminate reaction

October 5, 2015 § 61 Comments

Game, I’ve argued, is just the male equivalent of slutty behavior.  The reason ‘male sluttiness’ is relatively new, at least as a mass phenomenon, is because of the modern feminization of men.  Instead of evaluating themselves in masculine terms modern men submit themselves to evaluation by women.  Thus the Game gurus measure supposed “alpha” maleness based on the approval of women, as expressed concretely in the number of sluts with which a given man fornicates.

The ‘game’ perspective, then, is not actually a rejection of feminism: it is explicit subjection of men to the judgment of, not just women in general, but the worst of the lot.  This is followed, with no small amount of irony, by copious quantities of self-congratulatory chest-thumping about how game is a great rediscovery of masculinity.

A similar thing frequently takes place in reactionary politics.  Rather than evaluating moral and political questions on their own terms, many reactionaries see how liberalism evaluates particular questions and adopt what they think are the opposite positions.

But when you look at your face in the mirror, the thing you see is still your face.

Marriage on death row

October 4, 2015 § 24 Comments

Both a death sentence and a declaration of nullity are fallible juridical decisions, made by fallible people exercising fallible judgment after looking at some evidence.  We are told that it is more merciful to err on the side of not executing a convict, because sometimes we will inevitably get it wrong.

The same kind of reasoning applies to declarations of nullity, it seems to me.  A wrong declaration of nullity  turns the parties into material adulterers.

One difference is that often enough (though certainly not always) parties in the proceeding unanimously want to believe that a valid marriage never occurred.  This gives rise to the idea that, whether factually accurate or not, declarations of nullity are a kind of mercy.  And in that sense a “lenient” annulment process is more akin to euthanasia than it is to  accidentally executing the innocent. Permission to die and permission to commit adultery are considered “mercy”; because sometimes doing the right thing can be very difficult, and that is not something that people like to hear.

Different ontologies of property in action

October 4, 2015 § 8 Comments

When you buy something from Amazon, they treat you like the thing you bought now belongs to you.

When you buy something from Apple, they treat you like the thing you bought still belongs to them.

Google and Facebook own you.

Bringing an exogenous gun to an endogenous gunfight

October 1, 2015 § 72 Comments

The nuttier side of what is commonly (though perhaps somewhat deceptively) called the right wing of politics has a tendency to believe in conspiracy theories.  (This isn’t the only group with such a tendency, of course, but I can’t talk about everything and everyone all at once). The explanation of why this is the case is fairly simple: nobody wants to believe that there is something broken in their own thinking and the thinking of fellow travelers.  So problems simply must be exogenous rather than endogenous.  Things must be all screwed up because of some outside oppressor: the notion that things are all screwed up because we allow them to be screwed up, and we allow them be screwed up because our own thoughts are broken, simply cannot crack through the walls of denial.

Some skepticism has been expressed about drawing a connection between the Sons of Liberty torturing loyalists for failure to vocally support rebellion, and the Sons of Sodomy forcing Brendan Eich to resign from his job for his failure to express approval of sodomy comprehensively and forcefully enough since the day he was born.  “Social justice warriors”, it is proposed, are mainly products of the Frankfurt School and cannot be tied in any significant way to liberalism.

While I’ll grant that being forced to resign is not as severe as being tortured, I do think that attempts to deny the connection are unfounded.

Before laying the blame for all the world’s ills at the feet of albino monks or perfidious Jews, it is important to observe that powerful groups in society are only powerful because that society grants them power. Sons of Liberty terrorizing and murdering people loyal to England, the Frankfurt School itself, the homosexual activists who tried to get me fired from a job in the early nineties for things I said on the Internet before the World Wide Web even existed, and the Sons of Sodomy forcing Eich to resign, are only tolerated because the larger society tolerates and even encourages them. It is in this sense (and only this sense) that government by consent of the governed is true: not that legitimate authority derives from consent, but that the things which happen in a society are just those things which that society tolerates or encourages.

If you took a poll of average people on the street I expect that less than one in a hundred – maybe one in a thousand – would have ever even heard of the Frankfurt School.  But nearly every one of them would agree that the government should protect everyone’s freedoms and make sure that everyone’s equal rights are respected.

And that is all that is required to clear the grounds for both the Sons of Liberty and the Sons of Sodomy to prosper.

If we don’t want to keep cultivating Sons of Liberty and Sons of Sodomy, we have to stop planting them and tending the fields where they grow. That means unequivocal repentance from the lie that is liberalism, not finding a group of albino monks to blame for all of our woes.

Tattoo removal

September 30, 2015 § 15 Comments

Now that white people are no longer high status, but have become the new Low Man, some modern Jews are starting to realize that they don’t want to be white anymore.  (HT Free Northerner).

I expect the number of white people who claim to be not white, and anyway if they are white they are really sorry about it and will make up for it with constant apologies and offerings to the diversity gods, to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

A slogan for our times

September 29, 2015 § 5 Comments

Great things can be accomplished by otherwise insignificant people, as long as they are willing to compromise their principles and cooperate with evil.

Where “Social Justice Warriors” come from

September 29, 2015 § 219 Comments

Some people are beginning to rediscover that present day Social Justice Warriors are simply the original American patriots in modern form. Internet shaming and career destruction are an iteration of tar and feathers. Expressing anything less than enthusiastic approval of sodomy is now just as bad as failing to be up in arms and outraged over a 2% import duty on tea.

The role of American conservativism is, as it has ever been, to jealously and militantly preserve the conditions which produce SJW’s and the ‘progress’ of previous generations of SJW’s.  In America we call the concentration of secular power in the hands of the SJW’s, who exercise that power to tar and feather loyalists, “freedom“.  And we always have, since the founding of the Republic.


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