A victorious antibiotic infusion against the ku klux klamydia

November 11, 2016 § 52 Comments

Donald Trump won the presidency because tolerant, hard working, middle American white people got tired of having their American Dream deliberately destroyed for the enrichment of corrupt self righteous urban coastal elites – elites who at the same time were constantly accusing them of bigotry.  The most tolerant, live and let live race of people on the planet finally got sick of being branded as the officially hated group, simultaneously exploited and despised by the hipster hegemony pretending to be two different political parties.

Trump won by explicitly rejecting the demonization of Middle American whites as illiberal, un-American bigots: the worst thing they could possibly be.  He won by affirming that middle American whites actually really are good liberals despite what all of the lesbians and pedophiles and transwhatever freaks say: that the persecutors of middle American whites among the elite of both parties are wrong to demonize them as the subhuman Low Man.  That he ‘lost the popular vote’ is irrelevant for all sorts of reasons, first of which is that of course all of the urban hipster SJW self-hating white liberals are against him, as expected.  One might as well counterfactually assert that if the game he actually did win had been checkers instead of chess, he would have lost.

Trump’s victory may well hold back the influx of less liberal races of people into middle America for a while, thus preserving liberalism from its own worst self-destructive tendencies; though that remains to be seen.  What Trump will actually do is anyone’s guess really, though I think that whatever it is will clearly not damage the interests of Donald Trump, Inc.

This past election day represented a victory for tolerant live-and-let-live liberalism and for white supremacy, which are the same thing.

Trump as the third black president

October 30, 2016 § 15 Comments

We must not tolerate illegal immigration. Since 1992, we have increased our Border Patrol by over 35%; deployed underground sensors, infrared night scopes and encrypted radios; built miles of new fences; and installed massive amounts of new lighting. We have moved forcefully to protect American jobs by calling on Congress to enact increased civil and criminal sanctions against employers who hire illegal workers. Since 1993, we have removed 30,000 illegal workers from jobs across the country. – Between Hope and History, by Bill Clinton, p.134 , Jan 1, 1996

Donald Trump in 2016 is objectively very similar to Bill Clinton in 1992.  The main difference is that from an Overton Window standpoint Trump is now an extreme right wing candidate rather than an extreme left wing candidate. Anything resembling social conservatism has simply dropped off of the radar: even the pro life movement these days is pro choice. Donald Trump when elected (assuming he is smart enough to let Grandma Abortion Witch implode) will just be the third black president.

Liberalism is insane and anti-human, but its insanity ironically makes it extremely adaptable.  The Trump phenomenon is not some great new hope for the salvation of Western civilization: some new direction which represents the possibility of a future free from SJW excesses and other leftist insanity.  Rather what we are witnessing is the action, in real time, of liberalism’s own internal mechanisms for protecting itself from the results of its own excesses as it continues to dominate more and more of reality.  We are witnessing how it absorbs and repurposes any possible incipient opposition, turning the energy of that opposition toward liberalism’s own ends: ends which include self preservation.

Liberalism’s greatest enemy has for centuries been the consequences of its own comprehensive triumph. But by keeping all political conflict inside of its inescapable gravity well it ensures its own long term persistence, in spite of itself.

The opiate of the Massless

October 25, 2016 § 23 Comments

Voting is like heroin for the secularized masses: each dose makes them feel good about themselves momentarily while deepening addiction to and dependence upon our ruling class and their political philosophy, liberalism.  As time goes on the angst merely deepens, though, and the payoff becomes more a matter of staving off the agony of withdrawal rather than fleeting and illusory good feelings.

Social media and voting combined is like fentanyl-laced heroin. Social media amplifies the personal effects of participating in liberalism’s liturgy – which are the only effects of any appreciable note – while at the same time destroying personal, Church, and family relationships; that is, while destroying the very things which anchor human beings in some lived reality other than the liberal singularity.

Voting is perfectly rational

October 25, 2016 § 76 Comments

Voting in mass market democratic elections is not rational if it is viewed as a procedure by which we rank public preferences for candidates and choose candidates according to that ranking.

And it is not rational as a means to oppose evil in politics through a willingness to compromise, either as an individual or as part of a group effort.

But voting is perfectly rational from the point of view of our ruling class and their ruling ideology of liberalism. Because voting is a public liturgy in which a large portion of the populace personally endorses the legitimacy of our ruling class and their ruling ideology of liberalism.

Voting is perfectly rational as ritual act of doffing your hat to the king.

They are lighting their Arrow’s theorem

October 24, 2016 § 72 Comments

Critics of democracy sometimes point to Arrow’s Theorem as demonstration that it is rationally impossible in principle for any kind of democratic process to produce good political results.  That isn’t precisely correct: what Arrow’s theorem demonstrates isn’t that democracy cannot produce good results.  What it demonstrates is that democracy cannot produce results that anybody wants: Arrow’s theorem pertains to the achievement and ranking of preferences, not the achievement and ranking of objective goods.

One of the superficial objections that comes up from time to time is that in our elections we do not rank and choose policies: we rank and choose representatives.  But it does not follow that therefore Arrow’s theorem does not apply.  What follows is that no democratic process can successfully select representatives that we prefer from the available choices.

Reality seems to agree with Arrow’s theorem, if you observe the representatives we actually get.  Whether or not some technical objections to the application of Arrow’s theorem obtain here and there, the overwhelming empirical confirmation is difficult to deny.

October surprise: Hugh Hefner is a womanizer

October 16, 2016 § 17 Comments

Donald Trump is about twenty years older than me.  He has been a public figure my entire life.  As a rich playboy with a giant ego and trashy morals who loves the spotlight it has been impossible not to know about him.  For crying out loud, the man builds monumental hotels with his name on them.  I remember watching fireworks in Oahu some years ago from one of those silly revolving restaurants and being annoyed that a new enormous monument to Trump’s ego was blocking the view.

I despise the kind of trashy culture where people have paternity tests revealed on ‘live’ TV while screaming at each other.  But I can’t help being aware of it. There is no escape from it.

Doing due diligence on all the various claims made by the screaming decadents is something against which my mind rebels.  If someone has an actual, credible rape charge against Trump – as there is against Bill Clinton – then by all means let me know.  Otherwise I really don’t need the details, as if any of it could be even slightly surprising.

Donald Trump has always been a public part of American trash culture, for as long as I have been alive.  I always figured that Bill Clinton golfed with Trump precisely because that would give Clinton access to more young chicks to grope.  I’ve always thought it was pretty obvious why the man’s favorite businesses were casinos and beauty pageants.  I’d be happy to hit you in the face with a hammer, if that helped.

Sure, some percentage of women wouldn’t respond well to the advances of the casino Don. Some actually would respond, but then would be angry later that Big Don didn’t appreciate their snowflake specialness. But as we all know, pickup artistry is a numbers game; and celebrity odds start out much higher than everyman in a funny hat.  I am sure it helps to buy businesses that attract trashy ambitious women who like to show a lot of skin.  That is just good marketing when you are optimizing for a particular result.

Someone who acts shocked – shocked! – to ‘discover’ that Donald Trump is a handsy cad like Bill Clinton, because this has just now in the present hour been revealed in an October Surprise, is like someone who has just discovered that Hugh Hefner is a womanizer.

It doesn’t reveal principle: it reveals breathtaking lack of awareness of the obvious, an easily manipulated mind, or both.

The iron law of electoral influence

October 14, 2016 § 26 Comments

Participation in mass market elections in a modern liberal democracy involves asserting your own personal influence in pursuit of some specific outcome, given the options on a preselected ballot.

Your individual influence is negligible: you can only assert meaningful influence as part of a group effort. The more influence you hope to have on an election outcome, the more you must first ignore, and then embrace and affirm, liberalism.  The objective potency of your affirmation of liberalism always vastly outweighs your objective potency in terms of determining the outcome.

So here is the iron law:

Your personal influence over modern election outcomes is proportional to, and always infinitesimal in comparison to, your personal affirmation of liberalism.

Always nuclear winter and never Christmas

October 13, 2016 § 14 Comments

One of the strangest aspects of the current year, as viewed from outside the padded walls, is the public perception of danger versus actual danger.

Grandma Abortion Witch and (at least by neglect and incompetence) the mulatto hope and change catalyst for all of the domestic interracial peace we presently experience, have managed to make nuclear war with Russia a live possibility again for the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Millenials do tend to like retro.  One of the retro cultural experiences they may have coming is the nuclear sword-of-damocles experience enjoyed by cold war kids, if not the full “two suns in the sunset” experience itself.

But who becomes the next president is likely to be determined by who wins a war of sexual trash talk and by how offended the fatty vote is by the fact that people notice that they are fat.

Rorschach elections

October 8, 2016 § 57 Comments

The fact that you (the generic you) personally support the Frog Casino King or Grandman Abortion Witch doesn’t tell us anything about the candidates.  And it won’t make any difference in the outcome of the election.

But it does tell us something about you.

Left liberal bailey; right liberal motte

October 6, 2016 § 32 Comments

One feature of motte and bailey doctrines is that we can have, at the same time, certains groups expanding the territory of the bailey while other groups launch defensive arrows from the motte.

In the case of liberalism, left liberals play offense in the bailey while right liberals (a.k.a. conservatives) play defense from the motte.  

They think they are on different teams but are in reality on the same team.  Their faux rivalry is the internal rivalry of the offensive and defensive squads, while their concept of winning is ultimately the same.

Democratic elections represent the liturgy which brings the public on board; and ultimately all of the pseudo conflict is thermal noise in a cauldron collapsing toward the same transcendent unreality.

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