Always nuclear winter and never Christmas

October 13, 2016 § 14 Comments

One of the strangest aspects of the current year, as viewed from outside the padded walls, is the public perception of danger versus actual danger.

Grandma Abortion Witch and (at least by neglect and incompetence) the mulatto hope and change catalyst for all of the domestic interracial peace we presently experience, have managed to make nuclear war with Russia a live possibility again for the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Millenials do tend to like retro.  One of the retro cultural experiences they may have coming is the nuclear sword-of-damocles experience enjoyed by cold war kids, if not the full “two suns in the sunset” experience itself.

But who becomes the next president is likely to be determined by who wins a war of sexual trash talk and by how offended the fatty vote is by the fact that people notice that they are fat.

§ 14 Responses to Always nuclear winter and never Christmas

  • CJ says:

    So Cold War I killed the USSR. If II stays cold (please God) will it mean the end of the USA?

  • donnie says:

    Zippy, thanks for reminding me that today is the 99th anniversary of the miracle at Fatima.

    Please, everyone, say a prayer for the conversion of Russia.

  • Step2 says:

    It turns out that the October Surprise is that we get a new surprise every day in October.

  • Zippy says:

    It is like the twelve days of Christmas.

  • Martin T says:

    So Reagan was lauded for talking trash to Russia and ending the cold war but Clinton/Obama are responsible for re-starting it. My straight jacket is too tight to spin in it but do you really think they are the cause or just casual observers?

  • Mike T says:

    “Grandma Abortion Witch.”

    *golf clap* Bravo…

    Grandma Abortion Witch vs Cheeto Jesus. It’s like God outsource our punishment to Monty Python.

  • donnie says:

    I thought Glenn Beck was Cheeto Jesus?

  • Zippy says:

    Trump is the Frog Casino King. He even resembles Pepe.

  • Beck is King Cuck who is always 100% philosophically aligned with the last book he has read even if that book is directly opposed to the previous book he read.

    Of course, as an ex-catholic, 2 John 9 describes him as one who hath not God but he assures his listeners than God talks to him, so, Beck the Cuck has a direct line to some spiritual being 🙂

    O, how do I know what I know about Beck?

    Well, I have in-laws who love him beyond all measure and so I listen to his radio show when I am out doing errands and I find his show quite amusing.

    I especially love it when he delivers very long and serious monologues condemning fear and then he breaks for his commercials which sell nothing but fear and so you must buy his 365 day supply of dried food for $500.00 or you simply must invest in Gold Line because inflation and deflation are sure to happen simultaneously; or something

  • Zippy. It has been funny to see the Clinton gang take the Pepe meme so seriously.

    Of course, he is said to be racist but name a republican candidate (Pepe isn’t a candidate, is he?) since AuH2O who hasn’t been labelled a racist?

  • Mike T says:

    Beck is King Cuck who is always 100% philosophically aligned with the last book he has read even if that book is directly opposed to the previous book he read.

    Let’s give him a new reading list:

    1. 50 Shades of Grey
    2. The Koran
    3. Anything by Trotsky
    4. Dianetics

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