October surprise: Hugh Hefner is a womanizer

October 16, 2016 § 17 Comments

Donald Trump is about twenty years older than me.  He has been a public figure my entire life.  As a rich playboy with a giant ego and trashy morals who loves the spotlight it has been impossible not to know about him.  For crying out loud, the man builds monumental hotels with his name on them.  I remember watching fireworks in Oahu some years ago from one of those silly revolving restaurants and being annoyed that a new enormous monument to Trump’s ego was blocking the view.

I despise the kind of trashy culture where people have paternity tests revealed on ‘live’ TV while screaming at each other.  But I can’t help being aware of it. There is no escape from it.

Doing due diligence on all the various claims made by the screaming decadents is something against which my mind rebels.  If someone has an actual, credible rape charge against Trump – as there is against Bill Clinton – then by all means let me know.  Otherwise I really don’t need the details, as if any of it could be even slightly surprising.

Donald Trump has always been a public part of American trash culture, for as long as I have been alive.  I always figured that Bill Clinton golfed with Trump precisely because that would give Clinton access to more young chicks to grope.  I’ve always thought it was pretty obvious why the man’s favorite businesses were casinos and beauty pageants.  I’d be happy to hit you in the face with a hammer, if that helped.

Sure, some percentage of women wouldn’t respond well to the advances of the casino Don. Some actually would respond, but then would be angry later that Big Don didn’t appreciate their snowflake specialness. But as we all know, pickup artistry is a numbers game; and celebrity odds start out much higher than everyman in a funny hat.  I am sure it helps to buy businesses that attract trashy ambitious women who like to show a lot of skin.  That is just good marketing when you are optimizing for a particular result.

Someone who acts shocked – shocked! – to ‘discover’ that Donald Trump is a handsy cad like Bill Clinton, because this has just now in the present hour been revealed in an October Surprise, is like someone who has just discovered that Hugh Hefner is a womanizer.

It doesn’t reveal principle: it reveals breathtaking lack of awareness of the obvious, an easily manipulated mind, or both.

§ 17 Responses to October surprise: Hugh Hefner is a womanizer

  • Mike T says:

    I notice too that most of the Christians getting on their high horse about how voting for Trump will damage their witness saw nothing wrong with voting for a bloodthirsty warmonger who’d likely use a print out of Just War Doctrine as toilet paper. (McCain)

    Double taps with drones on third world villages because one man was on a hit list are one thing, but “grabbing the pu#$%” of a woman was not sufficiently outraged to swear out a warrant for sexual assault is beyond the pale.

  • Zippy says:

    Are there any allegations by a specific woman of an actual genital grab to which she objected, or are folks just extrapolating? On the tape it sounded – to me – like he was exaggerating to make a point. That is just part of the problem with trying to treat a hot mike recording of what they thought was a private conversation as if it were a deposition. I’ve heard enough of such talk to probably have a better idea of how to interpret it than those who are stunned (or faux-stunned) that Trump is handy womanizer.

  • CJ says:

    Jill Harth claimed Trump put his hand up her skirt w/o permission. She sued and dismissed after Trump settled an unrelated business lawsuit with her boyfriend.

  • Zippy says:

    I was going to ask if actual genital contact was specified in the suit, since ‘up her skirt’ doesn’t imply that (e.g. groom retrieving the garter doesn’t imply genital contact). And I was going to ask if that was just where she told him to stop after a series of escalations. But I think I have decided that I just don’t care about the details, or more accurately that I positively prefer not to know them, unless there is a credible rape allegation.

  • h472075 says:

    This is unrelated. I didn’t see an email address on your site to contact you.

    Slate ran an interesting piece on the “future” of the prolife movement. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

    My own are that the movement seems to be circling the drain.

  • Zippy says:

    I’ll have a look at some point, thanks.

    FYI my email address is at the bottom of the About page: https://zippycatholic.wordpress.com/about/

  • donnie says:

    I know quite a few far, far left millennials that are pro-life for “humanitarian reasons.” That article is not the first time I’ve heard something like, “I realized that if I were to get an abortion, I would just be passing oppression on to a child.”
    Abortion, like usury, is a moral travesty that we might actually see millennials eradicate once they take the reigns of power. But if that happens, it will almost certainly be dealt with from an SJW-angle.

  • donnie says:

    Sorry, forgot a word. [Fixed -Z] Meant to say that abortion is a moral travesty that we actually *might* see millennials eradicate from an SJW-angle.
    But the odds are still long. We’ll have a much better shot at eradicating abortion once we’re all living under Sharia law.

  • The mainstream pro-life movement is basically already corrupted by feminist victimology.

  • I don’t vote in national elections and i am not a republican (reg. as Not-Affiliated) but ever since I began to follow politics in 1964 the candidate of the stupid party has always been described by the liberal cult (democrats and media) as;

    intellectually weak

    and nearly all of my friends think the media have only recently fallen from a previous position of a state of putative objectivity.

    If only they had read Hilaire Belloc on the origins of the popular press

  • Cane Caldo says:

    [Acting shocked] doesn’t reveal principle: it reveals breathtaking lack of awareness of the obvious, an easily manipulated mind, or both.

    A third option is revelation of principle to gossip and subvert. If you’re trawling the Internet for half-baked propaganda and disputed rumors–and then reposting them as evidence of rape–that’s not an act of surprise.

  • This is admittedly tangentially related, but I must admit to being amused that people have basically stopped trying to claim the media is not blatantly pushing Clinton and instead have started expressing frustration at the few places not with the program. Don’t they know Trump is OBVIOUSLY evil???

  • Zippy says:

    More generally, ‘liar’ is a third option I suppose.

  • Ian says:

    I’m sure a lot of the acting shocked is just posturing and bowing to feminism, especially among those in the smart set.

    But for some people, it is probably that the tape concretized things for them. Hearing someone say, “I tried to fuck a married woman” or “I just went up to her and grabbed her pussy” will get a more visceral reaction than hearing “He committed adultery in the past” or “He boasted about groping a woman in the past.”

    And then of course, there are actually people who are completely clueless about what is going on in pop culture. I try to be one of them, but not as successfully as I would like.

  • […] because the γυναίκα had chosen to get drunk, thus impairing consent.  Sometimes the less morally upright among the stronger and more physically powerful άνδρας would become aggressive; even to the […]

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