Who is like unto the Beast, and who can make war with it?

September 13, 2015 § 14 Comments

Republican democracy and the intramural conflicts between left and right liberals have produced a system with tremendous immunity to genuine political/constitutional crisis. The former ritualistically garners and reinforces the personal assent of the bulk of the population to the legitimacy of the liberal governing consensus. The latter produces regular political faux-conflict-for-show which keeps the Overton window narrow, with just enough room for self-styled outsiders who think they are rebelling against the system but in reality are simply doubling down on its most basic commitments.

Real technological advances keep large enough numbers of people fed, sheltered, and pacified. Fake technological advances (e.g. in medicine) provide a way for authority to pacify potential troublemakers with stupefying drugs while pretending that they are not exercising authority and that the stupefying, health-destroying drugs are actually for the good of the “patient.” This nihilistic self-stupefication has been so successful that a large portion of society agitates for the legalization of their own favored stupefying drugs, mainly so they can get them cheaper and without always having to seek out permission slips from authority (“prescriptions” from “doctors”).

Many self-sustaining mechanisms have evolved, and many ways of dealing with undesirables and heretics without threat to the system’s self-justification; even though – and in fact because – the liberalism which justifies the system is rationally incoherent. The system is built on lies, but they are subtle and mutually reinforcing lies; and it has many different ways of dealing with heretics who see through more than the first superficial layers of lies.

I predict at least 50 more years of longevity in the current system, and would not be surprised by 500 years. We’ll all be long dead before anything new and sustainable replaces political liberalism – whether that replacement is some other configuration of lies, or a Catholic Christian society.

§ 14 Responses to Who is like unto the Beast, and who can make war with it?

  • Martin Snigg says:

    Would be interested to know what Zippy thinks of Christopher Dawson’s disagreement with Orwell over technology ([link which triggered the SPAM filter redacted]), Russell Hittinger ‘Christopher Dawson and Technology and the Demise of Liberalism’. And what it means for an Islamic version of “thy Kingdom come”.

  • Martin Snigg says:

    And then there’s JC Wright’s ‘Awake in the Night Land’

  • The most important three topics in Australian, US media for the last 20y has being: legalizing marijuana, gay marriage and the non-existent global warming – which they prefer to call ”climate change” BECAUSE: climate is in constant change, BUT: there is no global warming!!!

    The truth has problem getting into the media, therefore; to have informed politicians… Ill informed society becomes sick society… Here is some truth, for politicians and scientist interested in the truth:: https://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/global-warming-lost-its-compass-again/

  • CJ says:

    He’s back, with a little time to kill.

  • CJ says:

    I predict at least 50 more years of longevity in the current system, and would not be surprised by 500 years.

    There are two wild cards that I can think of that would greatly accelerate the decline of the system. The first is the waves of immigration we’re seeing. Liberal societies will collapse if they take in a critical mass of people who haven’t accepted the assumptions and have the will to transform the host society accordingly. The other is economics. Things will fall apart quickly if our economic house of cards collapses and there aren’t enough bread, circuses, and psychotropics to go around

  • Aethelfrith says:

    No, I think that Zippy is correct with the timetable. Crime and poverty aside, tens of millions of Mexicans in the USA have not weakened liberalism (but then again, Mexicans come from a country that has practiced a species of liberalism for well over a century).

    The other example is the current waves of immigration in Europe. Contrary to right-liberal fear mongers, the migrants to Europe are not a uniform mass of Arab Muslims (not all the Muslims are Arab, not all the Arabs are Muslim). Even if their backgrounds are not liberal, the liberal ordo enables and empowers the population replacers.

    As for the physical, durable goods aspect, whoever has the most toys when the SHTF will simply relocate and will restart a liberal ordo wherever he rests his head. I am making the assumption that the wealthiest men in the world are doctrinaire liberals, the only exception would be the Gulf Arabs I think.

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  • King Richard says:

    Like all irrational/contradictory systems Liberalism destroys itself through a variety of means. We has seen this often with ‘Liberalism in particular’. Eventually ‘Liberalism in general’ will do the same.
    Edan exists in part in recognition of these; we hope to create/advance/take advantage of this self-destruction of Liberalism.

    Fifty years is about our estimate, too.

  • Scott W. says:

    Read William Bennett’s Going to Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana Is Harming America. Not a particularly interesting book as it doesn’t really say anything you didn’t already know, but there was one thing that was new to me: pharmaceutical companies developed a drug with therapeutic THC, but it fell off the radar. Why? It doesn’t stupefy. I guess we all knew that medicinal majiuana was about legalized stupefication and never therapy, but I didn’t realize there was a case that demonstrated that.

  • Kidd Cudi says:

    hey look, he’s not dead yet…

  • Mexicans are at least not involved in fundamentalizam – on the other hand; here in Australia are already more Mohameds than Steves or Davids.

    I still think that: the biggest treat to the western democracies are the Reds under green camouflage… Just by lying about the non-existent global warming -> they are using CO2 scaremongering very efficiently as a weapon for their ”Western October Revolution”

    Here is the truth: https://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/cooling-earth/

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