Raped by dart-throwing monkeys

March 7, 2018 § 11 Comments

Christendom college and other backward troglodyte institutions – those which still require actual evidence before taking punitive action against students accused of committing sexual assault – really need to get with the #metoo program. Everyone knows that very few rape accusations are false. Modern research proves it. And how could the experts possibly be wrong?

§ 11 Responses to Raped by dart-throwing monkeys

  • Rhetocrates says:

    You know, this rape epidemic can’t be all bad. Last I heard, rape, and more importantly rape accusations, cure cancer.

  • Zippy says:


    The p-values are well established. Rape accusations are more effective than placebo.

  • Thanks for that link. Yet one more example of Adam’s auditioning for power thesis.

  • Larry_Dickson says:

    The most important point is that – even if you take the liberals at their word – “very few” is not the same as “none”. We still operate under “innocent until proven guilty”. Keep harping on that point.

    I mean keep harping on it in the way that liberals keep harping on a point. NEVER GET TIRED OF REPEATING IT. People on our side tend to shut up if not listened to after two or three repetitions.

  • Scott W. says:

    There is a recent Steven Crowder video where he went on a college campus and put up a sign, “Male privilege is a Myth: change my mind” and debated people one on one. One guy was exceptionally agitated because apparently he knew a girl who was raped on campus and was indignant that all that happened to the alleged rapist was he was moved to another dorm. With a little digging it was quickly apparent that this non-punishment happened not because of some nefarious cabal of boys, but that the girl wasn’t pressing criminal charges because according to him, she didn’t want her name everywhere or some such blah, blah, blah.

    The takeaway was that among all the spouting I was waiting for him to just blurt out that he wanted the guy punished severely, but without having to bother with all that due process stuff. Whether that logical conclusion eluded him, or he knew full well but was too chicken to say so wasn’t clear.

  • Gabe Ruth says:

    That RCP story is really interesting, hadn’t heard of that guy before.

    You have to feel some sympathy for him though, it’s got to be tough when your five year rape plan doesn’t produce.

  • Mike T says:

    cure cancer.

    Dude, it cures AIDS. The latest research from sub-Saharan Africa proves it.

  • Rhetocrates says:

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mike T. Let’s wait until the relevant paper’s citation count reaches triple digits. Then we’ll know for sure that it’s Science.

  • T. Morris says:


    Let’s wait until the relevant paper’s citation count reaches triple digits. Then we’ll know for sure that it’s Science.

    Yep. Gotta make sure all the butt sniffers give their approval before we can know it’s real science.

  • dvdivx says:

    Rape accusations against muslims however will be ignored irregardless of evidence.

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