Amazons bearing power shovels

April 17, 2017 § 6 Comments

Individual hard copies of the Third Edition of the Usury FAQ are available on Amazon.   Feel free to order copies for your friends and enemies, and to post reviews.  This is a project of The Typesetter (a.k.a. commenter TomD), who did all the hard work: I just provided the content.  In addition to our thanks for his hard work we also owe him well-wishes and joyous prayers for his rumored upcoming nuptials.

The e-book downloads in my sidebar are still the Second Edition.  I’ll update all y’all when that changes – and about bulk orders, hardcover version, and possible conspiratorial distribution plans to various target groups – as things actually happen, as I find/figure things out myself, and as anything relevant takes place.

§ 6 Responses to Amazons bearing power shovels

  • TomD says:

    If anyone’s interested in the inside baseball of CreateSpace, pricing is a bit weird. The price I’ve set is the lowest it can go and still be available through all distribution channels. I can order author copies (bulk) for less, but shipping is then added; so if I want a single copy it’s cheaper and faster to order through Amazon.

    Purchases through Amazon will create a tiny “profit” which will be donated to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

    I’ve enjoyed the typesetting process; so if anyone wants to public-domain similar works on Aquinas’s other articles on sin for me to typeset, let me know. Perhaps someday there’ll be a whole bookshelf of black-covered books with titles like “USURY” and “WAR” and “WIFE-MURDER”. 😁

  • Bee says:


    I have been reading through the Second Edition and I am learning a lot. Thank you for taking the time to write this up and thank you for making it available for free.

  • Advenedizo says:

    I do not think wife murder requires a Faq, but just war or sexual morals definetely do.

    On an unrelated issue, i am interested in the typesetting process and self publishing. I am tranlating some Via Crucis devotional booklet because the ones in my diocesis are appalling, and i would be interested in printing them. Can you briefly mention how you did it?

  • Advenedizo says:

    Regarding profits, have you thought on Amazon affiliates program? Set an affiliate account and a link in the blog to the e-book. Every time somebody buy one or more using the link you get a small percentage as profit. Maybe is worth checking it.

  • TomD says:

    @Advenedizo – I’m using a combination of LaTeX to PDF and Createspace – They support books starting with 24 pages at a minimum size of 4″ x 6″ and a maximum of 828 pages (depends on trim size). It’s pretty easy and is free to setup – there are a number of other options.

    If you’re familiar with source code controls I can make the LaTeX templates/etc that I used available – contact me at the email in the book.

    Note that devotional booklets need ecclesiastical approval for public use, especially if you’re translating them. I have to talk to my Bishop after my wedding (as I’m changing bishops there, too) about my plans for a pocket Douay NT.

    As for Amazon purchases myself, I use Thomas Aquinas College’s refer link which gets my Alma Mater some small amount.

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