December 23, 2016 § 11 Comments

For some technical reason involving WordPress, commenting at the Orthosphere has become (apparently just for me) like pulling teeth.  For the record, I posted this comment (which disappeared into the ether) yesterday.


§ 11 Responses to Orthodeontia

  • brucecharlton says:

    My comments at Orthosphere are routinely put into Spam – despite that I am officially an author (one of the founders) with posting privileges… It’s a slightly tedious multistep process to log-in, dig them out of Spam and approve them.

    I just looked and found a couple of your comments also in Spam, so I marked them as Not Spam and approved them (I think).

    Maybe the WordPress algorithm will now learn that you aren’t Spam – but it never did with me…

  • Zippy says:

    Thank you Bruce. The Spam filter here can be a bit capricious sometimes too, but it is especially weird that your own comments fall into it on a blog where you are a registered contributor.

  • Kristor says:

    This is all very strange to me. Bruce, I had no idea you were having this problem at WordPress. Zippy, I *never even saw* the comment you recapitulate above.

    What’s even weirder to me is that I approved a comment of Zippy’s, then copied it from the public side of the site, pasted it into Word so that I could draft a response, pasted that response into WordPress and published it, then moved on to other business. When I turned back to WordPress, Zippy’s approved comment had simply disappeared, completely – *and so had my response.* They weren’t in Trash, they were just gone. But busted links to them still appeared in the Recent Comments widget!

  • TomD says:

    (Conspiracy) The liberals have taken WordPress years ago.

    (Reality) Blogging software is generally crappy.

  • Zippy says:


    Exactly: never attribute to malice what can be explained by artificial “intelligence”. I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but the products I use day to day are becoming increasingly neurotic and dysfunctional all the time.

  • Zippy says:

    The post title by the way refers to straightening out my (moral and actual) existence at the Orthosphere. Though I suppose it can’t be too funny if I feel the need to explain it.

  • Zippy says:

    Here is my latest reply to Kristor (who knows where it might be in the electronic ether):


    No sense beating around the bush or restating arguments already made many times. Obviously we just disagree. From my point of view you are simply confirming your right liberalism. It may be as minimalist a right liberalism as can be; but it is right liberalism nonetheless.

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  • Mike T says:


    Unless WordPress is now run by adults who actually really understand the basics of good design, all I can say is… “you have no idea…”

    I wrote a plugin for 2.X. It really was as bad as people said it was back then.

  • TomD says:

    Writing plugins for WordPress reminds me of St. Thomas More. I feel his response would be similar.

  • Mark Citadel says:

    For the record, Zippy. Having the same issue on a NUMBER of wordpress sites. Not sure what is wrong.

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