Not guilty by reason of life is hard

April 6, 2016 § 12 Comments

One of the interesting things about the intramural dynamic between left and right liberals is that it is sometimes the ‘conservatives’ or right-liberals who craft the newest, latest, most progressive innovations in the ways in which liberalism attacks and destroys the natural moral order. In order to stay respectable conservatives sometimes have to out-progress the progressives.

Back in the day the insanity defense provided a kind of compromise or unprincipled exception as a way of saving liberalism from itself.  Liberalism requires public-square neutrality, so the liberal ruling class must prescind from making moral judgments. Disease is unlike moral failure inasmuch as moral agents are culpable for their moral failures but are not (necessarily) morally culpable for contracting a disease or having some sort of defect.  Under the insanity defense heinous criminals could be defined as ‘sick’, thus avoiding making substantive moral judgments while at the same time still asserting a form of politically correct authority.

However, even this vestigial politically correct pseudoauthority is intolerable to mainstream pro-life conservatives or right-liberals when it comes to women who choose a particular kind of murder. Female emancipation means that when a woman chooses abortion she must face no consequences whatsoever.

An argument that the pro-life movement does not consider women to be moral agents

April 4, 2016 § 129 Comments

Consider the following premises:

  1. Women are moral agents.
  2. Abortion is a kind of murder.
  3. Murder either committed or procured by a moral agent should be subject to some kind of punishment.

Pro-lifers profess to believe (2).

(3) is self-evident.

The recent Donald Trump abortion kerfuffle clearly showed that the pro-life movement does not believe that women should be subject to any kind of punishment for procuring an abortion.

Therefore, the pro-life movement rejects (1).

Declaring a ‘war on terrorism’, redux

April 4, 2016 § 9 Comments

When SJWs lie they are not representative of sincere authentic nice liberalism. Most liberals are just like everyone else, and want to exist in “live and let live” peace and freedom alongside conservatives and vibrant minorities.  As long as everybody respects each others’ equal rights, can’t we all just get along?

If we reject the constant distraction of focusing on tactics and actually pay attention to the ideology and culture driving the behavior, the terrorists will have won.

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