What else might trump our principles?

February 2, 2016 § 14 Comments

I admit to some not insignificant amusement and schadenfreude over the sounding of the Great Trumpet accompanied by his Great Strumpets.

But I will just gently suggest that if the siren song of Donald Trump, of all people, is capable of luring some ‘principled’ non-voters out into the liberal version of bowing toward Mecca, that those particular non-voters probably aren’t really what I would call principled.

That’s no surprise, I guess, because in the land of lies every day is opposite day.

§ 14 Responses to What else might trump our principles?

  • I have never seen a set of polls so wrong in my life.I smell a rat,sorry.

  • P.B. says:

    OT, but this may be the craziest example of liberal induced inter-generational conflict:


  • Zippy says:

    niggardly niggardly niggardly noobs,
    militantly tolerant of men with boobs,
    heckle and snark administrative rubes,
    until MLK day goes down the tubes

    I call my poem “Black is the new white”.

  • […] commenter posted a link to an article which I found to be quite inspiring. […]

  • Mark Citadel says:

    The Trump phenomena is a means to an end. From my perspective the result in Iowa was almost perfect (although would have preferred Rubio to not break 20). For the long haul, a protracted fight over delegates between Rubio and Trump, with a brokered convention going to Rubio, thus leaving Trump supporters embittered and betrayed. This is the best outcome.

  • Zippy says:

    Mark Citadel:

    It is fun to talk about the weather too. A cold winter is a means to an end. I’d love a warm and mild summer: that would be the best outcome, from my perspective.

  • Marissa says:

    Isn’t America politics more like sports than the weather? Fun to watch but ultimately meaningless to get too upset about? Though the weather is more capable of killing lots of people, so maybe you’re right.

  • Hrodgar says:

    American politics has already killed several tens of millions of infants alone, so I think it has the weather beat by a fair margin on that score. I’ll agree that it’s not worth getting too upset about things we can’t do much of anything about, though, and the best course of action in national politics for most folks most of the time is to just weather the storm.

  • GJ says:

    A reading of the situation through the lens of Game (because why not):

    A significant portion of the electorate, unhappy with her beta husband/Republican establishment, is attracted by the Alpha badboy Trump and falls hard for him.

    Corollaries (which can be easily confirmed via observation):

    1) The woman cannot be dissuaded by frantic and agonised wailings (especially by the beta partner) about how bad the badboy Alpha is – how he is unreliable, how his morals are badly compromised, how he’s always been looking out primarily for himself ; all these avail to nothing, and are indeed counterproductive. In fact, the woman is attracted by the badboy boasting about how bad he is (eg. open admissions about how he’s bought politicians).

    2) The woman tells everyone and herself that the badboy will reform this time. Yes he may have committed several indiscretions in the past (eg. flipflopping between Democrat to Republican to Independent), yes he may be bad, but this time he will be faithful to her and reform as he promises!


    The woman will be (to use a crude phrase) pumped and dumped by the badboy as is his habit. But after the fling with a true Alpha, the woman quickly hops back on the carousel.

  • Hrodgar says:

    Re: GJ

    Between that and Zippy’s contention that Game is basically effeminate, now you’ve got me wondering what proportion of Game proponents are Trump fans.

  • Aethelfrith says:


    Perhaps a supermajority.

  • Aethelfrith says:

    And actually, this leads me to an interesting tangent.

    The group blog Return of Kings has Catholic and Christian writers not because Roosh cares about righteousness or salvation, but as ‘tokens’ and as ‘useful idiots’ to endorse his/neomasculinity’s/manosphere/Boromirosphere’s particular incarnation of liberalism.

  • GJ says:


    I don’t venture deeply into that neck of the woods, but Trump has lots of fans amongst Game advocates not least because he’s anti-PC, a walking and prominent example of an Alpha, ‘maintains frame’ well etc.

    But there are those who distrust him because they recognise that Trump is trying to ‘Game’ them and the rest of the US population, ie. under a Game reading he’s trying to put them into a feminine and manipulated role.

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