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January 23, 2015 § 10 Comments

First a bit of free advertising for an article on usury by David Warren at The Catholic Thing, which buckyinky pointed out in the comments below.  It is a good article and worth a read.

I attempted to comment on the article, and the following ensued:

Me (in the combox):

One of my readers pointed out this article to me. Folks interested in usury might find my Usury FAQ (also available as a free ebook) topical:

Result: Comment removed.

Me (combox):

My comment was not SPAM.

Result: Comment removed.

That Catholic Thing representative (hereafter “R”) via email:

Subject: Sorry

We don’t allow links un (sic) Comment section at The Catholic Thing. – R

Me (combox):

Apparently links are not allowed here, but my usury FAQ and (free, not selling anything) ebook cover this subject in detail. Aquinas was exactly right and modern people are financially ignorant.

(A reader of mine referred me to this article).

Me: (email):

Subject: Re: Sorry

My bad.  I posted a new comment without a link.

Result: Comment removed

Me (email):

Subject: Re: Sorry

Apparently commenting without a link wasn’t sufficient?

I’m on the author’s bloody side, for crying out loud.

R (email):

Subject: Re: Sorry

You’re also doing advertising. Sorry.

Me (email):

Subject: Re: Sorry

It isn’t advertising.  Sharing ideas and documented references is not advertising.

But whatever.  I’m not pushing on a rope anymore.  One of my readers thought the article was right in line with what I’ve been writing lately, but you’ve definitely succeeded in making me not care.

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