Blaming the prophets

August 18, 2014 § 14 Comments

One of the common postmodern hipster poses you will see around the blogosphere is the idea that because liberalism is triumphant, the traditionalists who warned us about liberalism and its consequences were ineffectual and wrong. For example the traditional natural law understanding of sexuality must be repressed and wrong, because if it were right then the sexual revolution would not have happened. The fact that society didn’t heed the warnings points to a flaw in the folks who were sounding the warning, not a flaw in society.

Be sure to remember that the next time you are thinking about throwing yourself off a cliff. If the people who were warning about that gravity thing knew what they were talking about, nobody would ever throw themselves off of cliffs. The majority is always right, and the god Evolution assures us that whatever actually happens is fittest.

§ 14 Responses to Blaming the prophets

  • CJ says:

    I want to add “the wrong side of history” to Stewie Griffin’s list of words and phrases that will get you sentenced to a labor camp.

  • donalgraeme says:

    It requires some serious scriptural illiteracy to fall into the mental trap that you mention Zippy. Half of the prophets spent their time saying “Don’t do this, or BAD THINGS will happen.” They were ignored. Then the other half said “Told you so!”

    Hmm, I guess you would fall into the first category….

  • jf12 says:

    This blaming of prophets has been foretold …

  • Zach says:

    Prophet: “If you do X, Y will happen!”


    [X is done, Y happens]

    Prophet: “Told you so.”


  • Zippy says:

    Peter Blood:
    Indeed. What I think may not be obvious is that the modern pagan god Evolution is Whig history personified.

  • Zach says:

    And for bonus points, we have this;

    Defender of the New Order: “And so we see, Y does follow logically from X. Therefore, those accepting X but opposing Y are hypocritical fools. This proves the goodness of both X and Y.”

  • Peter Blood says:

    What I think may not be obvious is that the modern pagan god Evolution is Whig history personified.

    Indeed, Evolution has wisdom and smarts, always picking the best and the brightest. Then finally: “We are the ones we have been waiting for!”

    It ends with narcissism.

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  • Chad says:

    Oh man, so much laughter from this post and it’s delightful comments.

    From the lips of a man after he’s gone past the edge of the cliff, “Life is too short not to enjoy the wind as we fly towards the ground!”

    From the top of the cliff, all the prophet can do is shake his head. What good would it do the man already over the edge to point towards the prophecies foretelling how such an ‘adventure of a lifetime’ will end?

    Luckily for us, God can save us up to the fatal crash. Christ may not have allowed Satan to tempt him into needing to be raised aloft on the wings of Angels, but we sure need those angels for ourselves.

  • GoldRush Apple says:

    >>postmodern hipster

    As someone who falls perfectly in the age range of such a group, and who shares many interests with them (though our politics are West & East when compared) there is little hope for them to step out of their narcissistic, non-analytical smugness called “intelligence” and “empathy.” They are tools.

  • GoldRush Apple says:

    @ Zippy & Chad: Speaking gravity and cliffs (but not to treat the incident in a mocking manner) — 2 men died in base jumping along the French Alps.

  • Mark Citadel says:

    “there is little hope for them to step out of their narcissistic, non-analytical smugness called “intelligence” and “empathy.” They are tools.”

    Give it time, GoldRush. Most people of this age group are sheep who have been indoctrinated in a very lazy manner. But given the right environmental primers, sheep can be cowed. They may be soldiers against liberalism under the right circumstances, as long as hands are prepared to guide them.

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