Memeplex takeover in action, circa 700AD

July 7, 2014 § 13 Comments

More on Islam as a Christian heresy. I don’t have anything to add, but I thought it might interest some of my readers since we discussed it recently.

HT Patriactionary, with additional comments worth a read.

§ 13 Responses to Memeplex takeover in action, circa 700AD

  • peppermint says:

    Some guy tries to argue that Arabs never invaded anything and Islam came from Europeans…

    …and it’s picked up by a Catholic because it proves some tangential point.

    We all know that Islam is based on Christianity. Muhammed recognizes Jesus as a prophet. The further claim that Muhammed did not exist, or that Jesus and Muhammed are the same, or that the Arabs didn’t go invading and putting to the sword infidels, is insane.

  • Zippy says:

    But is it true, is the question. I think I’ll probably get Robert Spencer’s book and make up my own mind what I think of it.

  • Craig says:

    The author of that article, Emmet Scott, unfortunately has very poor historical judgement — this article is a moderately good indication in itself, and if you read his book that establishes the point. He doesn’t know how to make a historical argument and, as a result, can’t tell the difference between a plausible historical thesis and nonsense on stilts.

    That said, apparently the argument that we have very little reliable information about Mohammed is not crazy. I haven’t read Spencer’s book, so I don’t know if he goes off the deep end or not.

    Islam looks like a new religion to me rather than a heresy — perhaps more likely to be a spinoff from Judaism than directly from Christianity, but clearly with significant Christian influence. A reasonably close parallel is (the extinct) Manichaeism, which probably spun off from Zoroastrianism under Christian influence. (And which Belloc also considered a Christian heresy.)

  • Ita Scripta Est says:


    I think I’ll probably get Robert Spencer’s book and make up my own mind what I think of it.

    You’ll have to take my word on it but I have personally spoken with some Catholic scholars of Islam and they both panned Spencer’s book as terrible scholarship. Again these scholars were devout Catholics and not religious indifferentists and they actually overall sympathized with Spencer’s desire to critique Islam. They just couldn’t endorse his methods in that book.

    An excellent resource on early Islam-Catholic relations is Fr. Sidney Grifith’s Church in the Shadow of the Mosque.

  • peppermint says:

    Here’s my theory. Any religion which claims as its prophet a schizo cult leader who defiled his aunt’s corpse is likely to have actually been lead as claimed by such a man and been spread as claimed by the sword and the torch. Though I must point out that, according to some faggot on reddit, bizarre sex acts make characters more “sexually relatable” and thus make better stories (this is why George R.R. Martin is better than J.R.R. Tolkien and the story of the Minotaur is better than any of the parables or stories of Jesus) so if Islam was trying to take over our culture through storytelling, they might have a better chance at it than they would have 1000 years ago.

  • Silly Interloper says:

    this is why George R.R. Martin is better than J.R.R. Tolkien

    Only to the most jaded and coarsened of modern minds. How deeply enslaved your mind must be to this debased modern culture. The fact is, most modern stories routinely resort to cheap gimmicks and lascivious shocks in order to interest readers in otherwise vapid and shallow stories and characters. What I’ve read and seen of George R.R. Martin doesn’t come close to Tolkien’s ability.

    and the story of the Minotaur is better than any of the parables or stories of Jesus

    Right. Because I am constantly remembering and relating to the Minotaur (not)–and who’s that guy who beat him? But I don’t remember any of Jesus’s parables. . . , except for most of them.

    But seriously–are you just gratuitously trolling here? Consider the buttons pushed and move on. What you’ve said above says more about you than it does about the literature.

  • JustSomeGuy says:

    @ Silly Interloper:

    I’m fairly sure that peppermint was being sarcastic – indeed trying to make the very same points that you did.

    If he wasn’t…

    …well then I guess you’re right to criticize.

  • Ian says:

    I thought the article was a parody of the “Jesus didn’t exist”-type articles.

  • Silly Interloper says:

    I is read good.

  • peppermint says:

    the parenthetical was stuff that this faggot actually said. The minotaur’s origin story more sexually relatable than Jesus, who after all died a virgin (what a pathetic beta yo dawg you know Jesus didn’t actually exist because if I was a cult leader I would be spinning mad plates dawg).

  • vishmehr24 says:

    The Christian heretical origin could not be more explicit in Koran where a sura declares that God has no son.

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