Zippy Catholic

What about the infrared pill?

The ‘red pill’ is an allusion to the movie The Matrix, an analogy to when the main character exits an artificially constructed world of illusion and experiences the real world for the first time.  When folks on the Internet say they have taken the “red pill” it means that their eyes have been opened to some truth that is contrary to what they have always believed.  In the manosphere the ‘red pill’ truth is that men and women are different and that feminism is a pack of lies.  In neoreaction the ‘red pill’ is that one aspect of liberalism (and just an aspect of it), equality, is contrary to reality.

The problem with the ‘red pill’ analogy is that it deludes people who have seen through one of modernity’s lies into thinking that they have seen through all of modernity’s lies.  When you realize that you have been deluded about an important truth your whole life – especially one where the emperor’s nakedness has been right in front of your face the whole time – that opens up the possibility that you are still deluded about other things.

Feminism specifically and liberal equality generally are obviously, manifestly false; as manifest as a naked emperor parading down the street.  But there are much subtler errors in modernity.  Positivism, postmodernity, nominalism, materialism – these errors can creep into the thoughts of even the very vigilant who are actively working to keep them out.  I still pull these weeds from the garden of my own mind sometimes.

You’d think that folks who have discovered their own delusion on something as obvious as (say) ‘gender equality’ would be on the lookout for other delusions; sometimes more subtle delusions.  But typically they aren’t.  Because once they’ve taken the Red Pill they are Neo, they are The One, the earth shakes at their newfound power and knowledge.

So the flag gets planted at the bottom of Mount Everest.