What are you doing here?

July 11, 2013 § 7 Comments

Today is the day to read Elspeth.

§ 7 Responses to What are you doing here?

  • Elspeth says:


  • vetdoctor says:

    >> It’s one of the very reasons I am vehemently against women building careers and personal monuments before considering marriage, even if they are chaste while doing so. That path treats marriage like an afterthought, children as accessories, and men as a means to an end. It also makes it much easier to dispose of the marriage when the checklist has been fulfilled.

    Marriage and motherhood is a vocation all its own:<<

    Add, " . man, father and fatherhood" and the statement becomes valid.

  • CeruleanCityGymLeader says:

    I am not going to read it as I got banned at TC and I’ve unsubscribed for it. I really don’t care since it is their right to ban anyone that disagrees with them and turn into a forum where there is no fundamental disagreements among the participants, and I have better things to do than to read pretentious “traditionalist”, anti-feminist rantings. I am too much of a childish tomboy to assent to that stuff anyway, W4 seems to have more intellectual depth too.

    I am just livid that my last comment there was deleted that said I had no intention to return or circumvent the ban. I posted that in good faith, not as an attempt to taunt or troll anyone, merely to acknowledge our mutual disagreements and I would leave on my own accord.

    BTW, was David Alexander banned, or he’s still there? I didn’t check but I want to know how tolerant TC is. I only saw him once on Lion.

    As for myself, I am reading An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding from my favorite secular philosopher as we are both philosophical skeptics and empiricists. Also, afterwards I want to contrast it with Lumen Fideil and my own religious experience.

    To Svar in case he’s still reading this…

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xp2ni5_651-pokemonepisode-org_creation#.Ud7lw22Bwuf (start at 18:50; it is a beautiful farewell and reconciliation)

    (I am Ash and you are Paul)

    God bless you and best wishes

  • Elspeth says:

    @ vetdoctor: I write posts primarily aimed at changing the minds of women. There are men who are better equipped to encourage other men.

    It was never my intent to marginalize the importance of fatherhood, however most men don’t have the same twisted thinking on this issue as most women do.

  • Proph says:

    In fairness, it’s never really a *bad* day to read Elspeth.

  • CeruleanCityGymLeader says:

    I am surprised…

    To me, it’s never a bad day to read Half Sigma/Lion…

  • Elspeth says:

    Black rose, is that you? I’ve never had a problem with you despite my inability to relate to your style of communication.

    I’m not an intellectual type, I admit that. But honestly, men of all stripes have always rather enjoyed reading my blogs because even the smartest man appreciates a woman who values her femininity and fertility.

    It’s a stark contrast to your average your average degree chasing, career obsessed ball buster.

    Thanks again for the nod, zippy. and the compliment, Proph.

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