I did not support Todd Akin

November 22, 2012 § 3 Comments

Just to clarify an issue raised by a commenter here (apparently only Google accounts can comment): I did not support Todd Akin as a candidate. In fact I don’t vote at all, and I wouldn’t support other people voting when I wouldn’t do it myself. Beyond that, I don’t live in Akin’s state, and even if I did vote I wouldn’t know enough about him to opine on his overall merits as a candidate.

So someone reading my posts on the widespread calumny of Akin by ostensible pro-lifers as support of Akin qua candidate have made a mistake. I am against calumny because it is calumny, not because I personally support some Republican political agenda.

I also made the point that you don’t cultivate good leaders by throwing the “purists” under a bus when they make true statements that aggravate liberals. Purist politicians – that is, actual pro-lifers – are rare enough already, and no self respecting “purist” leader would willingly step up on behalf of the kind of ninnies who stabbed Akin in the back. I know I wouldn’t, if I were a believer in universal suffrage democracy and interested in politics (neither of which is the case).

So I’ve taken two positions here, neither of which entails support of Akin qua candidate: one against calumny, and the other against being the sort of pathetic politically correct followers that no self respecting leader would be willing to lead.

§ 3 Responses to I did not support Todd Akin

  • tz says:

    Calumny is telling a lie designed to damage the reputation. If it is telling the truth to injure, it is detraction, or if you don’t know, Rash Judgment. All are breaches of the 8th commandment, but I’m not sure the precise act(s) you are calling “calumny”.

    There are matters of opinion – “it can be hard to be elected when you make awkward, if true, statements”. is such.

    The GOP machine dropped Akin, so you are in their company.

    I too am against calumny, but I don’t think it applies.

    I would support Akin over Ryan, who changed position at the behest of Romney. But I supported Ron Paul, who had more humility, more integrity, more honor, and less guile than every other candidate in every election I had a vote in combined. The first non-negotiable should be that you aren’t an amoral empty-suit saying whatever you think will get you elected.

  • Scott W. says:

    Zippy in the tank for the GOP? LOL!

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