A Sucky Argument

January 31, 2010 § 4 Comments

Sure, the Catholic Church condemns abortion, I mean torture. But nowhere in the Catechism does the Church define suction aspiration, I mean waterboarding, as torture. Therefore Catholics are free to believe that suction aspiration, I mean waterboarding, is morally licit, so long as the purpose is to save lives.

(This sucky argument brought to you by water torture apologists in this comment thread).


§ 4 Responses to A Sucky Argument

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope never to read about the great Comma Controversy ever again. It has to be one of the most pointless arguments I can recall. Our teachers of these moral issues are not Strunk & White or Lewis & Short, they are our pastors and bishops and popes and other good laypersons we work with and live with. And it’s pretty absurd for that commenter to insist that an exception to the torture prohibition exists, Pope John Paul II and the drafters of the Catechism and knew about the exception, but intentionally hid it from the world for who knows what purpose.

    Overall, Erin's post and your contributions in the combox brought the Church's teaching to a new group of readers and maybe advanced the ball by that much.

  • Tim J. says:

    Welcome back, Zippy!

    You'll be happy to know that I have informed my dozens of regular readers that you are blogging again.

  • Tom says:

    I defend my involvement in the Great Comma Controversy on two grounds.

    First, I am an obsessive pedant.

    Second, the claim of a gnostic doctrinal teaching, accessible only to those who know the One True Grammar, should not stand unchallenged.

    To be fair to the other commenter, he doesn't deny that torture is always wrong. He just denies (while, of course, denying that he denies) that torture is always torture.

  • JohnMcG says:

    Plus, isn't suction aspiration used in contexts other than the abortion of live fetuses to no apparent moral outcry?

    If so, then if abortion is intrinsically immoral, then suction aspiration cannot be abortion because then by extension, non-abortive suction aspiration would also have to be immoral.

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