Christendom Review

May 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

The newest issue of The Christendom Review is on line. A ground breaking review of the actual legalities and testimony in the Terri Schavio case by Lydia McGrew – I know that like me you probably thought that this was already out there somewhere, but like me you are in for some surprises – and the wonderful fine art of Timothy Jones, are just the start. This is a very fine journal, moving in the opposite direction from the zero-prep schizophrenic stream-of-consciousness hackery that dominates so much of blogging and other online publication. It can even be ordered in bound form — a very professionally produced journal in the tradition of Modern Age, but filled with art, story, and poetry to make it a well rounded delight. Enjoy.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Talking about christian review, please read join forces with Bishops fighting scandal, and read my post:

    By Guillermo Bustamante on May 8, 2009 5:22 PM
    (Translation from an open letter to my friend)
    Obispo de Yauyos, mi querido Monseñor Don Ricardo García:

    Is extremely hurtful that against the explicit indication of their Bishops Conference, and Ecclesia De Eucharistia, the priest Jenkins of Notre Dame, full of satanic pride, persists in affronting Our Queen of Peace, and especially the 96 % of Catholics non-resident in USA.

    This open letter begs you and your Bishop friends (more than 70 in USA already did), to make their voice heard in Rome for two main reasons:

    1)The devil (who defamed Pious XII in the Milan’s speech condemning the Holocaust), will obtain that our enemies publish our Pope as a Catholic Prize giver to a genocide that leaves the Stalin’s Gulags, Pol-Pot’s fields of death, and Hitler´s gas chambers… like sucking babies.

    2) The Bishop D’Arcy and Rome are RESPONSIBLE of ND using the NAME CATHOLIC, and crowing their GIVING A CATHOLIC HONOR TO GENOCIDAL LEADER Obama, whom in 100 days gave dozens of measures to industrialize human embryos & abortions. He raised from 80 to 980 million the budget of the abortion chambers, going full steam.

    1 + 2: History will forget Jenkins and D’Arcy in one day, and this horrendous scandal will be registered as the Vatican washing its hands like Pilates, in ND. Our beloved Benedict XVI will have to see: Hitler, Stalin and Pol-Pot hided their killings. Instead, Obama is a militant of the most historically OPEN and scandalous genocide.

    Un abrazo de tu amigo

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