Commentators Blast Divisive Criticism of Herod’s Massacre of Infants

March 31, 2009 § 6 Comments

Yeah, it’s plagiarism, ripping off what others have said for the benefit of my readers; but it had to be said.

I do find it intriguing, though, that the critics of the Obama column were more offended by my writing than the fact that the President is using their tax dollars to destroy unborn children. (And now to engage in the destruction of human embryos in stem cell research.) But it still seems to me that if the President’s anti-life actions don’t stir up moral outrage in you, nothing will; if they don’t offend your conscience, you need a conscience transplant, my friend.
— Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of Providence

(Note: When the Haloscan comment system is hinky, which it seems often to be, the first link goes to some ad. It is supposed to link to a comment – from which I swiped the post title – by John McG in the Disputations post at the second link; which also doesn’t display correctly when Haloscan is hinky. The moral being “this post makes less sense when Haloscan is hinky”).


§ 6 Responses to Commentators Blast Divisive Criticism of Herod’s Massacre of Infants

  • JohnMcG says:

    I suppose it would be poor form to be more outraged by the “plagiarism” than by the divisiveness of the criticism or the massacre of innocents. (;-)

  • JohnMcG says:

    Plus, the Magi’s circumvention of Herod was in direct contrast to Paul’s command to honor leaders.How could they pass on this opportunity for cooperation with the current leadership?

  • Tom says:

    I once read a novel defense of Herod the Great — and by “novel defense” I mean a novel written largely in defense of Herod (it was titled “Joseph, Husband of Mary”).Herod, you see, did many great things — great in scope and great in service of his kingdom. And if a few eggs got broken (I don’t think the massacre of the infants occurred in this story, the three wise men being old friends of Jesus’ grandfather from his days in Alexandria, but the occasional royal wife and son got it in the neck), well, even the great aren’t <>perfect<>.

  • Rodak says:

    And I once read a novel in which Joseph is blamed for enabling Herod by sneaking off to Egypt without warning the rest of the Jews of the impending massacre.

  • Lydia McGrew says:

    John, I gave you “quote of the week” at my blog. It’s true that I don’t actually _do_ quotes of the week, usually, but this one deserved to be more widely seen. About Herod and the Magi.

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