Raving … Theist!

January 5, 2009 § 8 Comments


§ 8 Responses to Raving … Theist!

  • Lydia McGrew says:

    I did read about that change on Dawn Eden and was very excited. Tim had suspected something was going on, too, because of the change in RA’s behavior a while back.I wish the new RT would tell his story in detail. AFAIK he hasn’t done so yet.But for some reason your picture with this post won’t come up on my screen in either browser, so now I’m curious to know what it is.

  • zippy says:

    I got rid of some of the extraneous junk in the markup; hopefully it will display {faster/at all} now. It is just my favorite of his hilarious headline pictures.

  • John Farrell says:

    Hmm. I’m not seeing it in Firefox on my MacBook either.😦

  • zippy says:

    Grumble. It is the picture attached to < HREF="http://ravingatheist.com/2008/12/daily-headline/" REL="nofollow">this post<>. I got rid of the javascript exception-catching stuff in the markup that Blogger had inserted. Hopefully that will help. (Hopefully Blogger didn’t do me a “favor” and re-insert it).Everyone refresh your browsers, full steam ahead. :~)

  • John Farrell says:

    Ah! Excellent.(Blogger’s video posting feature sucks too, btw. I constantly have to “fix” redundant crap that posts the thumbnail with the video. Oh well, hello Vimeo!)

  • Lydia McGrew says:

    Hey, here’s a wild thing: When I go to the RT post and see the picture, then come back to Zippy’s page, the picture is visible on Zippy’s page. That works on both my browsers. But it wouldn’t show it at all on Zippy’s page, not even when I hit “refresh,” until I had gone and seen it first at the link Zippy gave to R(A)T’s blog. These mysteries are beyond the reach of human reason.That headline is great.I also liked his whole series of rice and pasta punning headlines that Dawn Eden linked.He’s having fun with it. With all the junk he’s putting up with, it’s good that he’s got the sense of humor.

  • Bob says:

    Hey Zippy, I was viewing your page from before Lydia made her first comment. It looks like you ran into a defense against “bandwidth theft.” This also explains the behavior Lydia saw in her second comment. To prevent people from leaching off of their bandwidth, some web servers are set up to prevent other web sites from referencing their high bandwidth items like pictures and graphics. Only the originating web site can do this.The work around is to save the picture of the headlines locally and then load it on blogger as you would do for one of your own personal photos and the like.

  • zippy says:

    Thanks, Bob. Lessee if that fixes it.

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