Implicit Categorical Claims

December 19, 2008 § 3 Comments

So often I encounter an implicit categorical claim where one is unwarranted. As an abstract matter X’s are good, the narrative goes; x is an X; therefore x is good, and attacks on x are bad.

Unions, the capacity of workers to bargain collectively, are essential. An army is also essential: indeed, according to the Catechism every person has an obligation to defend his country.

From neither of these abstract facts does it follow that a particular war or particular union or particular union contracts are inherently good and just, and insulated from criticism. People should not argue as if it did follow.

Setting aside the anti-South anti-white bigotry, an unstated assumption in this post seems to be that it would not be good to kill the UAW off completely. I don’t have a position on whether it would or would not be good to kill the UAW off completely; but it cannot be taken as a simple given that the UAW is a good concrete and particular institution, worthy of support and survival, just because it happens to be a union.



§ 3 Responses to Implicit Categorical Claims

  • SB says:

    MM really is bigoted against Protestants, Calvinists, evangelicals, etc. His rants blaming Calvinists or evangelicals for the Iraq War are akin to the feverish rantings of anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists, except less rational or reality-based (at least there are some Jews in the halls of finance and government, whereas there were zero evangelicals or Calvinists in the top levels of the Bush administration.)

  • SB says:

    Great post, by the way. It would be nice if more Catholic “thinkers” were able to make such elementary distinctions, rather than boiling everything down to such black-and-white us-against-them rants (“unions are good, ergo anyone who doesn’t want to give a specific union everything it wants is a hateful and un-Catholic meanie”).

  • Micha Elyi says:

    The UAW need not suffer being killed off, it can reform itself first. Still, if that parasite insists upon killing its Detroit 3 hosts then the UAW will be killed off — by the UAW own membership and their union thug bosses.

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