Dropping Things from Airplanes

December 4, 2008 § 4 Comments

In the midst of a big brouhaha at Mark Shea’s, I stumbled across this short but cool video of an air drop from the inside of a cargo plane. Awesome view. These guys are way up there: well over 10K feet above the ground, I’d say. I’d love to know how they target where the cargo will land from that height.


§ 4 Responses to Dropping Things from Airplanes

  • brandon field says:

    Are they tethered in? I was getting acrophobic flashes seeing them sit there on the edge of the door.

  • zippy says:

    I’d assume so, but I really don’t know.

  • brandon field says:

    As far as tracking things from 10000 ft, we recently sent up a weather balloon to 95000+ ft with a GPS transmitter and a whole bunch of other stuff. It went up, burst and came down, total ground travel was about 100 miles. Our chase van (with tracking antenna) that we had pre-positioned in the expected landing area was driving up as it came down. As I recall, the under 10000 feet part came so quickly that we had a pretty good idea of where it was going to be. Not that we could have landed something in a swimming pool, or even in a particular someone’s backyard, but if you know the wind patterns it’s not such a difficult tracking. (You can see a slide show < HREF="http://www.usi.edu/newsinfo/photos/SSHighAltitudeBalloonLaunch2008/balloon.asp" REL="nofollow">here<>).

  • zippy says:

    Very cool project and slide show.

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