If the Emperor has no clothes, is he still the Emperor?

October 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

In the comments below, Steve G writes:

Zippy DOES have a position that is compelling to me, but I haven’t seen him argue it as forcefully as the negligible vote position. His more compelling argument is that the whole electoral process is a myth, or a sham, that we take part in. That it’s not to choose a leader, but to validate the ‘system.’

To which I replied:

That the election itself is primarily about choosing the kind of leader we want is a myth; a myth connected to the fact that our votes do not exert a significant influence over how we are governed, but exert a large influence over our acceptance of things done in our name. The election itself isn’t necessarily a sham, any more than a coronation pageant for the king is a sham. Under the mythology of what elections are about it is a sham, but it is the mythology itself which is a sham not the election itself.

More generally, a lot of the damage which occurs to us under the rubric of voting for mass murderers has to do with reinforcing the lie of what elections are really about.



§ One Response to If the Emperor has no clothes, is he still the Emperor?

  • August says:

    With the various unconstitutional limits on our freedoms to fund and field candidates, I think one can certainly say that this election is not really an election, but rather, a fig leaf.I am a bit confused about the sham/mythology thing, because the mythology tends to persist in most elections, whereas the problems that led to our present national shame exist only in a smaller subset of elections. In other words, the mythology would exist in situations where all options were morally acceptable.But the myth can make things worse, as the messianic fervor around Obama indicates.

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