"Brights" Pledge to Desecrate the Eucharist

July 11, 2008 § 6 Comments

See here and here.

I don’t want to ever hear again about what a reasonable guy PZ Meyers can be.


§ 6 Responses to "Brights" Pledge to Desecrate the Eucharist

  • John Farrell says:

    You won’t. I have now posted twice on his blog asking him or anyone to link to evidence that this student really received death threats for stealing the eucharist–which was the reason PZ posted his rant in the first place.No response, not even from the scores of defenders in his comment boxes.

  • Lydia McGrew says:

    Did somebody try to tell you what a reasonable guy he is?I think he’s getting unhinged. What sort of person does this sort of thing, *even given that he doesn’t believe in the Eucharist*? What kind of weird obsession does he have with what he _supposedly_ thinks is just nonsense that makes him suggest or plan such an act?

  • John Farrell says:

    Lydia, I’m probably guilty here. Last year PZ did a marvelous take down of James Cameron’s vaunted Tomb of Jesus documentary. It was hilarious and I may have sent the link to Zippy.He also wrote what I thought was an excellent attack against eugenics. I tend to overlook his anti-religious ranting, because that’s what it usually is.But clearly the guy is starting to lose it.I’ve long suspected he has a chip on his shoulder, and from what I hear from fellow biologists, PZ is a burnout case. He’s 51 and an associate professor–not a full professor–at a university that isn’t on anyone’s short list for the best educational institutions in the country.Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but I think he’s bitter about life. No one knew this guy from Adam until blogs came along and he started ranting about churchgoers.

  • John Farrell says:

    And it’s sad…because as a science writer, he is quite good.But enough is enough.

  • discalcedyooper says:

    He is claiming to be protected by tenure. I thought only full professors got that. In the general case, what options are there for removal?

  • John Farrell says:

    I don’t know. Thus far, and this is a good thing, I don’t see his fellow science bloggers all lining up to support him.It may be enough for the University to confront him, demand an apology or else it will post it’s own, disavowing his statements and bluntly call them bigoted.Dismissal might too easily allow his disciples to claim martyrdom.

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