You Can’t Vote for Obama Unless You Hate Him

May 24, 2008 § 9 Comments

You don’t hand a suicidal man a loaded revolver unless you hate him.

You don’t give a thief the combination of the bank safe unless you hate him.

You don’t give an angry cuckold a knife and access to his wife’s tied-up lover unless you hate him: unless what you will for him is damnation.

You don’t turn a bunch of Jews over to the Nazis unless you hate not only the Jews, but the Nazis too.

And you don’t turn over executive power in America to a man whom you know with moral certainty will unilaterally issue executive orders authorizing particular abortions which are now illegal unless you hate both the children he is about to kill and yes, the man himself.


§ 9 Responses to You Can’t Vote for Obama Unless You Hate Him

  • Tim J. says:

    Oh, but he’s young, black and articulate! And besides, the Europeans love him. You DO want Europe to like us, don’t you?You know, I have been tempted to say this is the worst election of my lifetime, but probably the truth is that they have all been pretty much this bad, but I was just too young and dumb to notice.

  • Lydia McGrew says:

    A perhaps related point occurs to me. (I hope it is related.) Suppose that for whatever reason Obama is unable actually to liberalize the abortion situation any more than it already is liberalized–Congress holds the line on funding for the UNFPA, on abortions on military bases, or whatever. This seems unlikely, but suppose. Well, a man who tries to murder somebody is guilty of the attempt even if, unbeknownst to him, the gun is not loaded. So he’s still being put in a situation where _he believes_ he can advance the pro-abort agenda, by the bully pulpit if by nothing else. I’m pretty sure he’s right about this, and the bully pulpit remains a possible avenue of evil even when nothing else remains, as does the sheer scandal and bad example of a man in the highest office of the land who thinks as he does. But aside from that, he’s going to attempt to do wrong on these extremely important, bottom line, non-negotiable matters. That is damnatory to him whatever his success or lack of it.

  • Kyle R. Cupp says:

    Not sure about that premise, Zippy. Could one not enable another’s evil while being indifference to the person? Or out of fear that alternatives would be worse? Does hatred always have to be part of the equation?

  • Kyle R. Cupp says:

    A good point, Lydia. Presidents shape not only policy, but hearts and minds as well. I wish our current president had made more use of the pulpit to persuade the public to embrace the life of the unborn. He hasn’t shied away from making the case for war again and again. Suffice it to say abortion hasn’t been a priority issue for him. But it will be for Obama. And he will use the pulpit.

  • JohnMcG says:

    Obama may use the pulpit to favor the legalization of abortion, but I strongly suspect he wouldn’t use it to encourage actual abortions.But yeah, I do wish Bush had exercised more leadership on some issues, like selective abortion of Down’s Syndrome babies, and called us to compassion. I also wonder what it does to the pro-life movement to have a standard bearer who makes it such a low priority.

  • Lydia McGrew says:

    Oh, please. Pressing and cheering for the legalization of abortion de facto encourages actual abortions. Let’s not play that “personally opposed but” game. This is a guy who thinks it’s unconstitutional to protect even born infants who are too young. Because the court has said, according to him, that they are non-persons. This is a guy who thinks it’s a constitutional right to suck your child’s brains out, and he isn’t shy about it, either. If you think this isn’t encouraging actual abortions you are living in a fantasy world.And don’t forget all the gazillions of funding issues. You think government funding for abortion doesn’t encourage actual abortions?

  • zippy says:

    I think there will be actual specific children deliberately murdered as a direct result of Obama’s executive orders. I don’t think we can intentionally choose to put someone in that position without hating him: without willing his damnation as an acceptable means to some end.

  • JohnMcG says:

    How certain would one have to be to hate him? What if one voted for Obama, and prayed and fasted that he would have a change of heart, and lobbied his campaign for him to do so? (Not that we shouldn’t be doing so anyway).It seems that this is different from, say, torturing someone wishing that one didn’t have to, because there is a nonzero possibility that the bad action would not happen. If you are torturing someone, there is no doubt that one intends to inflict the pain. In this case, one could legitimately hope that the executive order would never be given or executed.Which makes this a matter of prudence. It would not be prudent to leave my preschool girls alone in the woods and pray and fast that they would make it out OK. And it is prudent to assume that Obama will follow through on his campaign promises to the abortion lobby.

  • zippy says:

    <>In this case, one could legitimately hope that the executive order would never be given or executed.<>I suppose the substance of the objection rests on whether that is objectively a legitimate hope or rather wishful thinking employed to justify the vote.

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