The Cross is Possible

February 5, 2008 § 3 Comments

“God does not oblige people to do the impossible. But God obliges married people to abstain, if their union cannot be fulfilled according to the laws of nature. Therefore, in this case abstinence is possible.” – Pope Pius XII, Apostolate of the Midwife, 1951


§ 3 Responses to The Cross is Possible

  • brandon field says:

    <>Pope Pius XII, Apostolate of the Midwife, 1951<>That’s a great papal address. Taken from a different part:“It is your duty to cause the young mother to enjoy, less by your words than by your whole manner of acting, the greatness, beauty and nobility of that life which begins, is formed and lives in her womb, that child which she bears in her arms and suckles at her breast; to make shine in her eyes and heart the great gift of God’s love for her and her child.”We had such a midwife at the birth of our last two kids. (Number one was a hospital birth).

  • zippy says:

    That <>is<> an awesome passage, Brandon!

  • […] of deprivation or craving, sexual desire is often aimed at disordered ends and is a prison for the incontinent. Thus we have the vice of […]

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