September 18, 2007 § 3 Comments

I added a new little javascript hack to the sidebar entitled “Interesting Quotes You Might Not See Elsewhere”. It will produce a random quote (or little excerpt) from a list of included quotes each time a page here at ZC is loaded. The presence of a quote doesn’t mean that I agree or disagree with the quote or any of its implications: for the most part they are just things that make you go “hmmmm,” some of which you will violently agree with, some violently disagree, and others perhaps neither. I’m trying to stick mostly (with a few exceptions sprinkled in) to the unusual or unexpected. Feel free to suggest additions – or even come up with a brand new one attributed to yourself – though by my plenipotentary power as master of this blog I may make pretty arbitrary choices about what to include.


§ 3 Responses to Quote-O-Matic

  • brandon field says:

    I’ve got something similar that randomly selects a quote for my .signature file. I wrote that before javascript, however.And the text editor I use will give you a random Zippy the Pinhead quote if you type “M-x yow”. That’s fun.

  • zippy says:

    Emacs guy eh? I graduated from useless hacker to useless manager before I managed to graduate from <>vi<>, believe it or not. But I lived in Unix-land for a long time. I love explaining the etymology of Unix commands to unsuspecting Microsoft IT guys. “biff” is an old favorite: the mascot on the dorm floor at Berkeley (no I wasn’t there – not quite that old =8^] ) was a dog named Biff who would bark whenever the mailman came. So the Unix program to set up notification of incoming email is called “biff”.I love (among other things) the whimsy of Unix.

  • brandon field says:

    Yeah, I learned emacs a few years ago to make LaTeX easier. (And LaTeX, for anyone writing a dissertation, is indispensable!) Now I don’t know how I managed with other text editors. Bill White (of Summa Minutiae) has the Catechism and the Summa Theologica as emacs info files, which is a lot of fun too.As a side note, when I read some of the webpages about the history of the Gnu Emacs/Xemacs schism, it read just like the Protestant Reformation. I don’t think that Richard Stallman would appreciate that reading puts him in the place of the Catholics, but I think the irony is funny.

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