Tar-al-Islam, Baby

September 13, 2007 § 6 Comments

More than a year ago my monday-morning quarterback guess was that 9-11 was a tar baby strategy on the part of al Qaeda: that the idea was that we would either be too weak willed to respond at all, or if we responded we would overcommit and end up in a Soviets-in-Afghanistan style war of attrition that we cannot win.

A year or so later, I haven’t seen any reason to change that view. It seems to me that al Qaeda’s strategy – if that was the strategy – worked. The reason we haven’t been attacked again is because things are going exactly according to plan. Instead of narrowly focusing on wiping out al Qaeda and getting serious about preventing the form of sedition called “Jihad” at home, we decided to change the world one predominantly Muslim country at a time, starting with one that had nothing to do with 9-11.

And if we don’t want to have various parts of our anatomy handed to us over the long run, one of the first things to do is admit and understand why we’ve had a certain one handed to us in the short run.

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§ 6 Responses to Tar-al-Islam, Baby

  • Rodak says:

    Exactly right. The Muslim strategist who invented the al-Qaeda stratedy being employed now against the U.S. is Muhammad Ali.It’s called “Rope-a-dope.” They’re going to let us punch ourselves out.

  • kkollwitz says:

    Interesting…I always refer to Iraq as the Jihadists’ tarbaby. Post 911 America goes right into the heart of the Mideast, knocks over Saddam & the Taliban in a few weeks, and sets up a US military presence like no-one’s seen since West Germany (and one which I expect will be there about as long). The AQ’s can’t leave it alone, can’t focus on operations in the US, and get themselves killed in droves not here, but “over there” which is where America always does its fighting. If the Jihadist ‘strategists’ think a 20 to 1 exchange rate is the sort of attrition the Soviets suffered, I guess that’s just fine. I think they’re looking for 3,000 to 20, but I expect those days are over.

  • zippy says:

    <>Interesting…I always refer to Iraq as the Jihadists’ tarbaby.<>Well, you know the old saying: hope for the best, plan for the worst. Looks like we’re doing the opposite.

  • Rodak says:

    Zippy–How is it that you end up discussing YOUR post over at Shea’s stadium?

  • zippy says:

    I’m just a combox critter at heart Rodak. It’s where I belong.

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