I’m Not Kidding

March 20, 2007 § 2 Comments

…when I observe that the modern secular way of thinking inherently creates categories of subhumans which need to be gotten out of the way because they interfere with the triumph of the will in the form of the free and equal superman.

Different nations and peoples follow different specific paths at different times and in different contexts, but the general pattern is the same: freedom and equality for self-created individuals (supermen) is the ultimate end of politics; politics has no power to change nature, only persons; some persons stand in the way (or are perceived to stand in the way) of the ascendancy of the self-created superman; those persons must therefore be redefined as non-persons and gotten out of the way.

My issue isn’t with Germany per se — an admirable people with an admirable credulity and a methodically rational approach to things. My issue is with political modernism per se. Political modernism has murdered more innocents who have gotten in the way since the Yalta conference than the Nazis (or even all political moderns combined) murdered before. We have the conceit that we have transcended what caused the rise of the Nazi regime, despite the manifest evidence to the contrary: trash barrels full of body parts in every modern city, for one.

We haven’t transcended it. Transcending it would require repentance.

Suggested reading: What We Knew: Terror, Mass Murder, and Everyday Life in Nazi Germany: An Oral History


§ 2 Responses to I’m Not Kidding

  • Tom says:

    Of course, the premodern secular way of thinking, which inherently creates categories of subhumans which can be gotten out of the way if they happen to interfere with the triumph of the rich or connected, isn’t all that wonderful, either.

  • zippy says:

    Sure. But we can’t repent of other peoples’ errors, we have to repent of our own.

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