The Battle of the Bands

March 5, 2007 § 2 Comments

replaces the “War on Terror.”

This is what happens when a generation brought up watching Ralph Macchio duel by Stratocaster for his soul against Steve Vai is put in charge of a civilizational religious conflict steeped in history.

The most priceless quote: “…it was MTV that brought down the Berlin Wall.”

The most priceless fact: this is our government’s directly-enacted media campaign in the Muslim world, not some fruitcake Hollywood delusion.

The inmates are running the asylum.

(HT: Philokalia Republic)


§ 2 Responses to The Battle of the Bands

  • Mike L says:

    <>The inmates are running the asylum.<>I think that’s true quite generally. When I was in the psych ward, the only reliable way to tell the difference between patients and staff was to see who had the keys. And as for the Church…well, I’ll give you the Pope and some bishops here and there; but at the middle-management level, it’s generally pretty fruity.

  • William Luse says:

    It’s really kind of hard to believe. But there it is.

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