Statistics Worth Repeating

April 26, 2006 § 2 Comments

Consider, in a *single year* 1998, the Dept of Justice listed 103,600 cases of sexual abuse in public schools. From 1950 to 2003, there were 10,667 reported cases of clergy sexual abuse. That’s 10 times as much in one year as there were in 53 years in the Church. Yet nobody is passing laws singling out teachers for special exemption from ordinary laws. Only Catholics.


§ 2 Responses to Statistics Worth Repeating

  • c matt says:

    I agree with the observation that it seems unfair to single out <>private<> (not just Catholic) school teachers and leave the public forum protected where the danger is more prevalent. But I don’t agree that the law singles out Catholics only; the Catholic crisis may have precipitated it; the law may have been enacted with the Catholic perpetrators fresh on the legislators’ minds; but to say it singles out Catholics only seems inaccurate. Any private institution would be subject to that law.

  • zippy says:

    c matt: I’ll defer to your analysis since, well, I just posted it without doing any diligence on it.

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