Liberalism and Christianity

May 19, 2005 § 1 Comment

The triumph of liberalism and technocracy means that Christians now find themselves in an all-pervasive setting whose basic principles require the social eradication of their faith, or at least its transformation into something radically other and less than what it was.

It will take more than a minute to read. But it is worth the investment of your time.


§ One Response to Liberalism and Christianity

  • Fascinating article…strikes me that this toxin for religion that lies at the heart of liberalism goes back at least to Adam Smith’s notion that the good economy is the economy which places the fewest restraints in the way of self-seeking, which soon “develops into the doctrine” that self-seeking is a positive virtue. That, in turn, develops into the notion that autonomous choice is the only possible ground of decision between moral alternatives, as your author shows.

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