May 6, 2005 § 4 Comments

Like, this is your brain, man. This is your brain on drugs. Like, I’m getting the impression that somebody is on some kind of crusade or something, man.

UPDATE: Dawn Eden has joined the fun with some info on the film’s author.


§ 4 Responses to Crusadeapalooza

  • William Luse says:

    The NRO review by Beard was pathetic.

  • Zippy,I think you’d like this movie. It’s the only movie I can recall which clearly poses the question whether it is right to do evil that good result.It’s very focused on moral issues.God Bless

  • c matt says:

    I thought Lord of The Rings posed that question throughout three very long movies? In fact, wasn’t that what the ring itself was about? I recall at least three characters specifically focusing on that very question – using evil to do good.

  • c matt – you’re right.God Bless

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